The Quest Episodes 5 & 6: Traitors In The Castle

The Challenge 2: Electric Boogaloo

The next day, the paladins meet in the courtyard.  Ansgar informs them that 3 of the fire orbs were found overnight, but 4 remain at large.  A falcon appears!  It’s been called back from the front lines to search the castle grounds, and through the use of some Saenctum technology, the paladins will be able to see what it sees as it flies around by wearing some masks that show its flightpath.  The first four paladins to use the information from this to find a fire orb will be safe; the three that come up empty-handed will be up for evaluation from the fates.

Once Ansgar starts the competition, the paladins race up to the area where the Falconvision helmets1 and start to watch where to find the fire orbs.  Andrew sees the falcon focus on the Battledome and takes off first, with Lina close behind.  Shondo, Patrick, and Letitia are next to leave, headed for the area around the moat.  Bonnie is caught up in the experience of feeling like she’s flying, before realizing she needs to leave and find one of the orbs and heading as quickly as she can for the moat area as well.  Adria is last to leave and heads for the outer edges of the castle.

Inside the Battledome, Andrew and Lina are trying to check things out without the other noticing where they’ve looked.  Andrew ignores a doorway that Lina checks out.  She immediately finds a glowing fire orb and races back to Ansgar.  Andrew scrambles back to the loft where the helmets are to find another fire orb location.  Ansgar asks Lina who she thinks will be next to find an orb, and she thinks Letitia will be next.

Down by the moat, Shondo and Patrick are checking various areas for orbs without luck.  Letitia and Bonnie are checking out a cave-like area.  Letitia overlooks a crevice of the cave which Bonnie double-checks and finds an orb inside.  Shondo, Letitia, and Patrick head back to find another orb location while Bonnie returns to Ansgar and Lina to see who will be next.

Adria, overlooking some sacks she’s been climbing on, figures she’s searching an area that’s already had its fire orb removed2 and heads back to the Falconvision helmets to find another location in the castle.  Watching the falcon’s flight path again, Letitia, Andrew, and Shondo all head to a tower in the castle.  Shondo3 is the speediest and finds the orb first.  With only one orb remaining, it’s down to Adria, Andrew, Patrick, and Letitia to see who will find it first.  While the others are checking the falcon footage again, Patrick heads to the area Adria was previously looking.  He starts to dismantle the pile of bags she had ignored and finds the final fire orb hidden in the pile.

Adria, Andrew, and Letitia will be meeting the fates – all seem disappointed in their performance.  Lina receives another mark from Ansgar, this one for Observation, for being the first to return a fire orb.  With the task out of the way, the paladins head over with Ansgar to the castle jail.  It turns out the spy orb controller is Hera, who Sir Ansgar used to know well but was ultimately betrayed by.  Ansgar tries to get more information out of Hera, who only spits that Verlox is coming and has many servants inside the castle walls and that he’ll soon be coming after the paladins.4

Ansgar asks the paladins to hand him Hera’s cape.  Patrick grabs it and finds there are pieces of a map inside.  Ansgar, happy with this new information, leaves Hera to rot in his cell and sends the paladins back to their quarters to figure it out.  Back in the common room, the paladins assemble the map to the best of their abilities, although pieces are missing.  Crio comes in just as they’re about to finish and takes the pieces of what they’ve assembled – the Fates have requested it and the paladins will see it later.

Andrew is still beating himself up over the challenge earlier in the day.  His ADHD nature got the better of him and he’s still in his head about his performance, feeling like this has proven he doesn’t have the focus the True Hero should have and acting too impulsively.  Letitia has a cooler head as they head over to the temple, but Adria is also worried that she’s only squeaking by.

  1. for lack of a better word to describe these things  
  2. It hasn’t.  
  3. who when talking about the destructive nature of the fire orbs, mentions that he would like an open-casket funeral so people can see his face  
  4. This continues my theory that something’s up with the Vizier, guys.  You heard it here first!  

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  • Aaron Mucciolo

    I seriously don’t get how Christian lasted as long as he did. There must have been (as there always are) some things unfilmed or not edited into the final cut, because there’s no sane way anyone would have kept him as a ‘teammate’ as long as they appeared to otherwise.

    Also, you call out the Legends motif in the first half and fail to mention how the laser stone in the second looks like the trophy from G.U.T.S.? For shame, child of Nickelodeon. For shame.