The Quest Episodes 5 & 6: Traitors In The Castle

Last Week on The…hey, wait a minute, that was this week.  Even Christian’s image on the wall in the Fates’ Temple looked unnecessarily smug.  The producers show up again to remind us “it’s just a show, you should really just relax”1 as we return to that weird projection on the walls of Castle Saenctum.

As it turns out, it’s a spy orb! Which is apparently a piece of Verlox’s magic.  Someone has to be close in order to control it, so Crio and Sir Ansgar split up the paladins to find who inside the castle is powering this piece of tech.  After running around for a bit, it’s the Vizier who spots someone in the courtyard.  Ansgar seems to recognize the perpetrator, but when a fire orb is also found, Ansgar quickly has him sent to the prison for later and tells the paladins it’s more important that they find the remaining 7 fire orbs so that the castle won’t be destroyed.2 The paladins search their quarters and the common room, but don’t find a single fire orb.  They halt on searching for the rest of the night, but feel Ansgar owe them some answers, especially as to the identity of the person that controlled the spy orb.

  1. Yes, I did a 2-part MST3k joke.  You’re welcome.  
  2. Although that doesn’t seem likely to happen.  Can you imagine that conversation?  “Hi, Austria.  Can we borrow a castle?” “Sure” “Can we destroy it as part of the show?” “WHAAAAAAAT!?!”  

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  • Aaron Mucciolo

    I seriously don’t get how Christian lasted as long as he did. There must have been (as there always are) some things unfilmed or not edited into the final cut, because there’s no sane way anyone would have kept him as a ‘teammate’ as long as they appeared to otherwise.

    Also, you call out the Legends motif in the first half and fail to mention how the laser stone in the second looks like the trophy from G.U.T.S.? For shame, child of Nickelodeon. For shame.