The Quest Episodes 5 & 6: Traitors In The Castle

The Fates

As they head to the Fates’ Temple, Christian is still confident that he has nothing to worry about.  Patrick seems determined to show Christian no mercy in whatever the challenge they face may be after the revelation that Christian purposefully chose a losing team.

After their usual spiel, the Fates give the losing team a challenge that will test their strength and speed.  Each paladin will be placed in an iron cage.  They must proceed through a gauntlet while in the cage and work their way back to the temple, where a key to unlock their cage awaits the first paladin who completes the challenge.1  Bonnie and Adria both feel they’re at a disadvantage because of their strength.  Christian, in what’s quickly become a recurring motif, is confident in his abilities and does not doubt that he’ll be able to come in first.

When the race begins, this proves true – Christian and Patrick power ahead of Adria and Bonnie.  Patrick uses his weight to his advantage, checking Christian while running to gain a slight advantage.  Bonnie gets stuck in the first obstacle and has trouble moving her cage through it.  Patrick continues to blast through each challenge the gauntlet has and races into the temple, ignoring a swollen left eye to unlock himself first and save himself from banishment.  Christian is second, and Adria third.  The group heads back to find Bonnie, who is in tears towards the back half of the competition – she rolled on her thumb and thought she had broken her hand.  Adria and Patrick free her from her cage while she cries, reassuring her that it’s all going to be okay.  Christian is nowhere to be found during all of this.

As the paladins go off to debate who should stay and who should go, multiple paladins mention Bonnie’s big heart.  Adria is seen as having the skills to make it to the end.  Andrew brings up that this vote shouldn’t just be about friendship, and Lina calls him on this – this is Christian’s fourth time facing the fates, and the paladins have already saved him more than enough times.  After heading back to the hall to vote, the paladins make their choices and stand behind their teammates.  Christian seems surprised to find only Letitia (who threw her vote so he’d at least have someone voting for him) behind him.  His time has run out, and it’s hard for others to see you as the true hero when you’re acting as just the opposite.  Bonnie is overwhelmed by the support shown for her after feeling like she had set herself up for banishment with her gauntlet performance.

Back at the castle: castle things!  Ansgar has taken a shine to the paladins.  He checks Bonnie’s hand out, but since she can wield a sword with no pain, she should be fine to stay in the competition.  As it turns out, Bonnie’s written another song during the paladins’ time in Everealm.  I immediately groaned.  I’m all for having this party using Bonnie as a Bard, but I cringed through this entire ode to “Sir Ansgar, the Fierce”.  That said, this was miles better than the other ballad she did a few weeks ago.

Suddenly: a wild projection appears on the castle walls!

  1. This is all very Legends of the Hidden Temple  

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  • Aaron Mucciolo

    I seriously don’t get how Christian lasted as long as he did. There must have been (as there always are) some things unfilmed or not edited into the final cut, because there’s no sane way anyone would have kept him as a ‘teammate’ as long as they appeared to otherwise.

    Also, you call out the Legends motif in the first half and fail to mention how the laser stone in the second looks like the trophy from G.U.T.S.? For shame, child of Nickelodeon. For shame.