The Quest Episodes 5 & 6: Traitors In The Castle

The Challenge

The paladins are taken to a part of the castle grounds with two doors.  Ansgar reminds them that there are two sides to a siege – attacking and defending.  The paladins will be training on both of these today, as they create barricades and knock them down.  A quiver of arrows is produced, and the paladins draw for captains.  Christian and Lina end up with the power to choose their teams and are reminded to be wise in who they choose.  Christian mentions having a strategy in mind and chooses Patrick, which confuses his roommate/top friend in the competition, Andrew, who expected to get the first pick.  Lina immediately grabs Shondo.  After a few more rounds of choices, the teams are as follows:

Red Team: Christian, Patrick, Bonnie, Adria
Blue Team: Lina, Shondo, Andrew, Letitia

Christian’s choices seem the opposite of strategic – Lina’s team feels like a powerhouse from the get-go, and as the teams work to build their barricades, this becomes even clearer.  The red team seems to be focused on time and puts as much stuff against their part of the wall as they can, while the blue team takes the time to look over all they have available and strategically build up their barricade.  Christian complains about Adria and Bonnie not really contributing to his teams effort1, and the dynamic on their team feels strained.  The energy on the blue team is completely different – Shondo is happy to be a good soldier and do as he’s told, following Lina and Andrew’s instruction as to how to build things up most effectively. Ansgar calls time, and it’s hard to see this turning out well for the Red team.  Their barricade looks like a hot mess compared to the blue team’s, which practically looks professionally done.  Both teams head around the corner of the wall to start phase two of this challenge: Smashing through!

Each team gets to their opponents wall and starts going at it with their battering ram.  Lina’s team gets a little too excited to start bashing away at their opponents’ work and their first swing is a big miss (it doesn’t even hit the doors).  They quickly get a rhythm going and start smashing away with precision.  Over on the red team’s side, Christian’s leadership is scattershot at best and they lack the mass and momentum to really keep their battering ram going.  Christian tries to use what looks like a broom handle to fit between the doors and aid his team, but Sir Ansgar quickly spies this and yells at Christian – teams are ONLY to use their battering rams to break through.

In the opposite of a surprise victory, Lina’s team smashes through their door first and plants their flag on the other side, claiming victory and saving themselves from facing the Fates.  It’s here where Christian reveals his true strategy in an interview – he chose his team to lose.  He’s confident that even though they lost the challenge, he’ll be safely protected by all his allies on the other team.2 The Blue Team chooses Lina to get to Mark of Ingenuity, since she provided valuable strategy on both sides of the barricades and held her own with Shondo and Andrew.  All four members of the Red Team will be facing the Fates.

Back at Castle Saenctum, the paladins blow off some steam with some sword fighting.  Adria is not ready to go, and Patrick seems particularly driven to make it through whatever challenge the Fates have.  Christian is acting as suspiciously as possible, reassuring his team with multiple excuses as to why they lost when no one seems to really be asking him about it.  Word quickly spreads that he threw the competition and chose his team to lose, and his ability to be the True Hero is completely in jeopardy.

  1. seemingly forgetting that he had FIRST PICK in every round.  
  2. I have no idea how this plan is supposed to work, given that every other paladin will figure this out and share it with the others but Christian seems very confident in it, as he has been with every other choice he’s made this episode.  

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  • Aaron Mucciolo

    I seriously don’t get how Christian lasted as long as he did. There must have been (as there always are) some things unfilmed or not edited into the final cut, because there’s no sane way anyone would have kept him as a ‘teammate’ as long as they appeared to otherwise.

    Also, you call out the Legends motif in the first half and fail to mention how the laser stone in the second looks like the trophy from G.U.T.S.? For shame, child of Nickelodeon. For shame.