Irresponsible! Index: Raising Asia Episodes 9 and 10 – Billy, Don’t be a Hero

Asia Monet Ray can't believe what she's hearing on Raising Asia.
Raising Asia (Photo: Lifetime)

It’s the momager vs. Mr. Mom-ager vs. the misguided manager vs. the self-appointed creative director on this week’s Raising Asia. You will notice that Asia is not arguing about her career.

We rejoin the Raising Asia brood (sans Bella) in Vegas as Asia prepares for her Planet Hollywood debut. Anthony’s miffed because he has been pushed aside in favor of Billy and he doesn’t understand why Kristie is in Billy’s pocket. The performance goes well, I guess, and it’s on to the next gig. This time, Anthony has lined up Asia as an opener for Kelly Rowland at the Long Beach Pride. Not the opener, as was implied, but an opener presumably on the mainstage. Billy has been named the manager and Anthony tries to maintain a foothold be claiming the title “creative director.” This includes remixing one of Billy’s songs to make it danceable, but angering the other players—except Asia who has no agency in any of this.

Mildly Irresponsible

As Asia gets ready to leave the hotel for the performance, the scene opens up with Kristie ordering Asia to “say your prayer.” This is followed by Asia doing the film equivalent of posing for a class photo as she sis-boom-bah’s through a litany of thanks. Religious expression is fine, but when it comes across as over-rehearsed it rings hollow.

Anthony is not as squirrelly about the gay topic as he was last week. I’m thinking he may have been testing the waters with his line of questions in last week’s episode, hence the “festive” remark. However, Asia gives a talking head interview where she says she wants the gay audience on her side because they love divas unconditionally. Not all of us, honey.

Moderately Irresponsible

No caffeine or milk, but Kristie allows Asia to have some candy en route to the Planet Hollywood gig. Asia then proceeds to act like an eight-year-old exposed to sugar. This culminates with Asia having a mini-meltdown as she struggles with the pain of hair and makeup. I don’t doubt that the tight braiding is uncomfortable, but the stress is not helped by Kristie basically taunting her daughter for not sucking it up. Asia asks Kristie to leave, but mom uses bullshit parent power dynamics by telling Asia she has a smart mouth. Gina, in tears, tries to intervene and it’s an ugly moment for everyone.

THEN, Kristie has the gall to say in an interview “she has a lot of pressure on her.” No wire hangers much? Jeezy creezy.

Severely Irresponsible

The second episode is mostly Shawn, Billy and Anthony arguing about management responsibilities and who has which role in Asia’s career. Asia leaves the room because she doesn’t want to hear it and I don’t blame her. The irresponsibility here is that this is really boring television. Honestly, I would love a version of Raising Asia where Asia is completely edited out, just to see if that version would be any different. Aside from not seeing the performances, I think the show would be equally bonkers.

At the Pride performance, it turns out Asia performs two hours before Kelly Rowland, so there probably won’t be any networking opportunities with Beyoncé. The performance is fine, though Billy has concerns that the shirtless dancers with masks may be a bit too adult for her image. Maybe you should have thought about that before agreeing to a gig at a gay pride event? I was at the Gay Games festival village a couple weeks ago and, although the performances were about inclusivity, I wouldn’t describe them as an all-ages event.

The Most Heartbreaking Thing Bella Said This Week

Aside from a game of Uno that was completely blurred out, Bella had zero screen time this week. The icing out of the little sister is almost complete 🙁

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