The Quest Episode 4: Battledome!

The Challenge

The next day, the paladins practice sword fighting within their three-person groups, parrying and blocking each other’s attacks.  Christian seems very comfortable with the sword, as does Adria.  Letitia mentions channelling her inner princess warrior.  After a demonstration from the castle guard showing them what a full-force battle looks like, Sir Ansgard goes from group to group and asks the paladins to discuss where the weak points in their fellow competitors are.

Shondo looks about ready to kill Christian after he criticizes his aggression.  Bonnie’s group of paladins talks about how there’s a balance between individual weaknesses and strengths, which makes Ansgard mad – he sees the paladins as being too nice to one another and wants them to know they need to know the weak points of their teammates, not cover up for them.  Ansgard then reveals to the paladins that the groups they’ve been training in are not who they’ll be fighting alongside, but who they’ll be fighting against in the week’s challenge.  Lina feels defeated already since Andrew is a powerful fighter and Christian will be doing whatever he can to avoid facing the Fates for a 4th time.  Jasmine feels similarly undersized facing Shondo and Patrick.  Letitia goes from feeling like her group was at a disadvantage to feeling good about her chances against Bonnie and Adria.

All the paladins suit up for the Battledome – in their groups, they will enter a circular ring that has narrow planks which surround the perimeter and provide a battle area in the middle of the ring.  The paladins must maintain their balance on these and knock their competition into the hay filling the rest of the ring.  3 paladins enter, 1 paladin leaves victorious1.  The first person to lose each match will face the Fates, and the three winners will face each other to determine the ultimate Battledome champion.

Andrew’s group is up first.  Lena tries to stay close to the walls, but Christian immediately targets her, with Andrew helping to team up against her.  Lena puts up a good fight, causing Christian to lose his balance a few times in the fracas, but she ends up falling first and exits the ring.  Andrew uses his strength to immediately knock Christian down, winning his group’s round as well as a place in the final Battledome match.

Bonnie’s group is up next.  Adria sees Letitia as the biggest challenge going into the match, and tries to double-team her along with Bonnie, but slips and falls, eliminating herself without either of her fellow competitors really causing her to fall.  Continuing on with the match, Bonnie manages to knock Letitia’s sword out of her hands, seemingly gaining an advantage, but Letitia realizes she doesn’t need it and knocks Bonnie down with just her shield.

Finally, Shondo’s group enter the ring.  As an MMA fighter, Shondo’s very used to rings like this.  Jasmine works her way around the edges and focuses on being quick, almost knocking one of her fellow paladins down in the process, but her lightness compared to her competition makes her easier to knock down and she exits the ring almost as quickly as she entered.  Shondo and Patrick continue to battle in the ring to see who can knock the other down first, with Shondo ultimately emerging victorious.

For the final round, Andrew, Shondo, and Letitia will be facing each other to find who is the Battledome champion.  Showing amazing strategy, Letitia uses speed and momentum to her advantage, knocking Andrew AND Shondo down before either has the chance to really respond.  This shocks both of them and gets thunderous applause from her follow competitors.  Shondo admits that he’s jealous that she’s claimed “the dub” and Letitia graciously accepts the Mark of Strategy from Sir Ansgard.

Back at Castle Saenctum, Jasmine, Lena, and Adria prepare to face The Fates.  Letitia is happy to have won, but isn’t happy that either Lena or Jasmine could be going home.  Jasmine felt her fair was a little unfairly stacked against her.  Crio gathers the paladins and they head over to the temple of The Fates.

  1. no Tina Turner will be played  

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