Checking in with Extant: Good, Better, Best

Molly (Halle Berry) helps Ethan (Pierce Gagnon) talk through a nightmare on Extant.
Extant (Photo: Darren Michaels / CBS)

Finally, Extant is getting somewhere with the baby, and the boy-robot and why the show is called Extant at all!

So, since we’ve been gone  A LOT has happened and I’m back on board with your, our, continued viewing of Extant.  In case you missed it, Molly (Halle Berry) has finally realized something not right at the agency and they are in fact out to get her.  After being tipped off by her doctor, played by Camryn Manheim, she takes her husband and son to seek refuge on a the small island, akin to Cape Cod, with her dad, played by Louis Gossett, Jr.   There we learn he and Molly have a difficult relationship that begins with her mom no longer being around and her father having both an alcohol and gambling addiction.  Neither of these is terribly important as eventually Ethan, boy-robot, is captured and an all-out search ensues, and the boy is found after having shut himself down for preservation.  This is all great, but Molly found him first and then essentially collapsed beside him after being hit, by something or someone.  She’s rushed to a hospital, because of course now everything is safe to return to (even though it’s NOT), and the doctor there claims Molly has no signs of being pregnant in the last several years.  Pause for Dramatic Effect.

Her Doctor now tells Molly and John, her husband, that she doesn’t know what they’re talking about and Molly wasn’t pregnant when she examined her.  Looks like the Doctor took a deal in exchange for the agency withholding info that she testified as her brother’s doctor, unbeknownst to a court of law, in order to get him out of trouble years before.  “Luckily, Molly remembers that her father’s dog bit her when they first arrived at his property and the bloody towel likely hasn’t been moved.  Retrieve the towel, test the towel, wait and see.  It’s amazing how much faster “long journeys” take the second time around.  Before we know it we’ve got evidence of a baby…but it’s not human.    Ethan, IS becoming more human.  He has a dream he couldn’t have “learned” how to have on his own.

My previous issue with this show was it was too much Halle Berry, but now there are signs, literally circles that almost everyone who seems a little creepy is seeing – Ethan, Molly, Kryger (the astronaut sent on the mission before Molly), and an astronaut before him (their boss’s daughter), and another man at the agency lab who goes a little, ahem, crazy.   Now that everyone’s involved we know there IS something up there in space  infecting humans like a disease, causing visions of “ghosts”.  Maybe it came back.  And maybe, just maybe, the agency isn’t out to get rid of Molly or Kryger, or anyone else, maybe they’re trying to keep humanity, Extant.  Pause for Dramatic Effect, and keep watching, it’s getting good.

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