Red Hot Design Runs Hot and Cold

Red Hot Design (Photo: FYI)
Red Hot Design (Photo: FYI)

FYI begins its next phase of premieres with the motorcycle chic program Red Hot Design. Does this show rev our engines?


Red Hot Design, the newest offering on FYI. This airs at 10pm on Mondays.


Shasta Smith, proprietress1 of the Vintage Monkey, walks us through her motorcycle influenced unconventional design process as she and her team works with clients.


The show is produced by Cineflix, which does Property Brothers (which I consider to be a lesser version of Income Property) and Property Virgins (a less controversial version of HouseHunters). FYI is still a newborn network, which has other design shows Tiny House Nation and  Rowhouse Showdown.

Who is Red Hot Design For?

Remember in Magic Mike when he got rejected for a loan by Marie from Breaking Bad because the bank didn’t believe in his dream of making coffee tables out of jet engines? This show is for people who want closure to that storyline.2

What Works

Shasta and her team of “grease monkeys” have a good rapport that translates on the screen. I am not into the motorcycle chic/tattoo aesthetic, but the clients seem happy with what the Vintage Monkey team proposes and executes.

What Doesn’t Work

The show is an hour, which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. The first episode featured two clients—a couple looking to enhance their game room and a tattoo parlor in need of revamped security gates. To fill some time, we got a bowling montage, some tossed in graphics scribbling out some design ideas, and a half-assed attempt at providing design tips for the viewers who happen to be working on sheet metal projects.

Also, the name Red Hot Design doesn’t convey anything about this show.


The show would work much better as a half-hour series, but FYI hasn’t taken the leap into producing programs of that length yet. Red Hot Design has element of documentary and how-to, but the ratio is not quite right. Also, the designs may be too whimsical or niche for casual viewers. There isn’t anything necessarily bad about the show, but if it doesn’t rev your engine it’s easy to pass up.

  1. “Don’t you call me that! I’m an entrepreneuse!”  
  2. Sans stripping…I think?  

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