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Bella Blu and Kristie negotiate driving privileges on Raising Asia.
Raising Asia (Photo: Lifetime)

As Asia continues to be the center of attention on Raising Asia, we see that Shawn has joined Kristie in practically icing out their other daughter. FREE BELLA!

This week on Raising Asia, the alleged adults bicker about what are in Asia’s best (business?) interests. Choreographer Anthony wants Kristie to take a meeting with Tina Davis as a possible manager replacement for Billy. Billy thinks he has massive hit on his hands with his Kidz Bop Casio knockoff “Rabba Flabba Hooby Haw” (I couldn’t understand a word Asia was singing in her karaoke recording session). Shawn wants more of a role in Asia’s rehearsals and events, which irks Kristie and further sidelines poor Bella Blu. AND IT’S BELLA’S BIRTHDAY. So many monsters.

Mildly Irresponsible

My favorite line from this week’s episode (and there were several to choose from) comes from Kristie: “Right now I don’t need any more opinions about how I raise my family.” First, I’m calling that as a shoutout. Second, while I agree that other people’s opinions are none of your business, maybe you shouldn’t volunteer yourself for a reality show about how you are raising your children.

Anthony realllllly wants Kristie to talk to Tina Davis, who has worked with Chris Brown. From my notes: AW HELL NO. Kristie rejects his first couple of offers for a meeting, but he ambushes her at one of Asia’s rehearsals. Both Anthony and Tina (rightly) dismiss Billy’s song as a bad career move for Asia, but Kristie is happy with her current representation and doesn’t appreciate Anthony’s tactics.

Moderately Irresponsible

Asia and Kristie go costume shopping with Asia’s “best friend” Jordyn, a 14 year old who was also a contestant on Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition. As the girls shop, Kristie and Jordyn’s mom swap war stories. Mrs. Jordyn’s Mom shares an anecdote about a time when she had to pop into the house to grab a resume and headshot and overheard her other child say to a friend “that was my mom.” The moral of the story? “Hopefully someday they’ll forgive us.”

Severely Irresponsible

Shawn, who was absent from the first episode, returned for the second to celebrate Bella’s birthday. The party will be at a roller rink, which Asia is super excited about because she has never been roller skating before. During a rehearsal at Anthony’s studio, Asia takes a fall hard and bangs her knee. Kristie hears about this then sing songs “Guess you don’t get to go to the skating party.” Asia, with fire in her eyes, says to her mother “You sabotaged me.” Whoa. Raise your hand if you, at eight years old: 1) Knew the word “sabotage”, 2) Could use it in a sentence correctly, 3) Use it in an appropriate context, 4) With 100% conviction. The parents do not back down and Shawn tells Asia she can either continue to pursue her hopes and dreams or go roller skating for an hour. Because everything in life is an all-or-nothing proposition.

Later, Kristie gets a phone call from Ricky Palomino about a contemporary piece in which he wants to feature Asia. This would require a photoshoot that conflicts with Bella’s birthday party. Kristie decides to break the news to Bella while the women of the family go out for mani/pedis. I don’t know what roller skating induced trauma Kristie had when she was seven years old, but the way it is manifesting now is monstrous. Shawn eventually convinces Kristie that maybe she should say yes to her family once in a while. She gives him a death glare1 but eventually chooses the correct course of action.

Criminally Irresponsible

Bella is really into the idea of driving for some reason. She asks her mom if she can drive now that she is six years old. Kristie negotiates waiting until Bella is 20 before she can hit the road. At the end of the episode, Bella receives a hot pink Power Wheels jeep as a gift. She and Asia drive out of the roller rink lobby onto the sidewalk. The parents keep laughing, but don’t actually chase after her until she drives the car out into the crosswalk. You know, where REAL cars might not be expecting a vehicle of that sort.

The Most Heartbreaking Thing Bella Said This Week

When Kristie breaks the news at the salon about Asia’s photoshoot, Aunt Gina tries to bring some sanity to to the proceedings by asking “I thought this was Bella day.” Before Kristie can even respond, a resigned Bella says “No, she never listens.”

I’m genuinely concerned about this little ragamuffin, y’all. How do we get a #FreeBella campaign started?


  1. Kudos to the editors for including that in one of the “Coming Up…” segments  

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