Improbable? Index: The Killing Season 4 Episode 1 – Blood in the Water

The Killing (Photo: Netflix)
The Killing (Photo: Netflix)

The last season of The Killing kicks off by showing us that Arrested Development isn’t the only preexisting television show Netflix can ruin.

“Too Long, Didn’t Watch” Episode Recap

Holder and Linden clean up after the murder of season 3’s villain, Linden’s former partner and married ex-lover, who tortured and murdered numerous girls.  Without time to recover, Holder and Linden are assigned to a new murder case: a family has been massacred in their home at night.  All of the family dies, except for the son, who attended a military boarding school but was home that night for some reason.  There was a gun found by the son’s body before he was taken to the hospital for surgery.  Turns out, that gun was only used on the son; a different gun that is unaccounted for was used to kill the rest of the family.  The head of the military academy is now the legal guardian of the shot son, and he seems terrified of this.  Holder and Linden argue about whether the son really killed his family or not.  Only one thing is certain thus far: someone attached to The Killing binge watched Dexter and decided to steal all their artsy blood splatter crime scene settings.

Is that possible?

Holder knows to go question one of the students at the military academy because he saw the kid walking to the parking lot with an untucked shirt. Thank God Holder was looking out the window at that moment, and that this kid had his shirt untucked, and that the kid was looking over his shoulder repeatedly at Holder through the window for some reason, and that Holder was able to track him down without issue to an abandoned loading dock surrounded by other buildings on school grounds without anyone walking by.

That seems unlikely…

Jewel Staite tempts Holder to come to bed so she can do sex on him, and he declines.

At the end of the episode, Holder half begs/demands Jewel Staite to marry him now that he knows she’s pregnant.  She responds with, “Okay.”  This romance truly is the stuff of legends.

Are you kidding me with this?

A 17 year old boy is shot in the head at point blank range and survives.  Not only that, but his injuries include mild amnesia which the doctor says is linked to extreme emotional distress (and not the bullet that went through his head?),  a bad laceration on his head, and a black eye.  Within a few days, his black eye is almost completely gone and his cut head is mending beautifully.  The Warren Commission can suck it: this kid has truly experienced the magic-bullet.


At the beginning of the episode, Linden sees that Holder has her murdered ex-lover’s blood splattered all over him. So how will they deal with Holder’s evidence-laden coat? Carefully remove it and burn it in the backyard, like Linden burned all her clothes? Nope. That’d be too smart. Instead, Holder freaks out, rips the coat off, and drops it on Linden’s floor. Linden scoops up the bloody coat and informs Holder that she’ll wash it off. Um, what? I get that he says that’s his only coat, but, dude! Buy another coat! I’ve watched hundreds of hours of various Law & Order series: soap and water do not wash away DNA evidence! I have a feeling that this coat will come back to bite them (or at least, Holder) in the ass. And if it doesn’t, then the writers have just shown a gun in the first act that they have no intention of using.

Also, Linden keeps the shell casings of the two bullets she pumped into her ex-partner/lover’s head at the end of last season. Because of course a cop is going to keep incriminating evidence against herself. Again, I have a feeling this is going to come back into play in later episodes.

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