The Quest Episode 2: Horse Play

The Fates

Back at the Castle Saenctum1, Letitia and Jasmine try to encourage Jim so he doesn’t psyche himself out.  Christian seems to be going from room to room to remind the remaining paladins how much of a competitor he is.  Crio finally comes and takes our contestants to the forest temple where the Fates await them.

Since this week’s challenge was all about dexterity, Christian, Jim, and Ashley will be following a multi-step process to mount horseshoes on wheels to prove they have the dexterity needed to fight the evil forces in Everealm.  The paladins set to work; Jim is focused only on following the steps provided, but Christian seems thrown by a task he doesn’t have the skill set for, forgetting to put on an apron and rushing through some of the more important steps. Jim’s focus proves fruitful as he finishes first, with Ashley and Christian racing to see who’ll finish second. After all are done, Jim and the remaining paladins go off to choose who gets to stay.

Letitia feels close to both remaining paladins. Bonnie reminds the group that they need to focus on the larger picture, not just the individual challenge from the week. Multiple paladins agree that when the pressure was on in the challenge from the Fates, Christian didn’t keep his cool2. Ashley’s horse riding prowess seems like something that will continue to be a strength.

After the debate, it’s a close call. By a vote of 5-4, it’s Christian who’ll be continuing on the Quest with the remaining paladins. Ashley gives up her Sunspear and leaves the arena in a puff of smoke.

Back at the castle, Jim and Shondo talk, and the other paladins let Christian know that he’s used up his one get out of jail free card. Next time he’s in the bottom he may not be so lucky.

In the courtyard, the paladins are surprised with a dinner with Crio and Sir Ansgard. The Queen also makes an appearance, mentioning how wonderful it is to see life in the castle again. After a toast to the remaining paladins, the Queen begins to choke – she’s been poisoned! What will happen next week?

  1. which I learned the correct spelling for thanks to the snazzy opening graphics  
  2. Shondo makes an amazing face when mentioning this in an interview  

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