The Quest Episode 2: Horse Play

The Challenge

Sir Ansgard wants the paladins to improve their riding skills, so it’s off to the training field to work on their riding.  We get a montage of the paladins riding around, talking about who they think is their biggest competition, and mentioning various platitudes about the “hero inside” them.

Letiticia realizes after training that she’s lost her Sunspear piece. She searches the field but comes up empty handed and worries about what this means as she heads over to the day’s main challenge with the rest of the group. Her loss is short lived- Ansgard has her piece of the spear and chews her out for losing it before informing the other paladins that the Queen and her court will be observing them during the challenge.

the paladins will be facing a literal gauntlet of challenges – in addition to riding their horse through the course, they must fire three arrows at one target, chuck a spear at another, hit a third target with a jousting pole, and (finally) smash a skull with a war hammer.  All of these tasks have point values, and the 3 paladins with the lowest scores at the end will be at the mercy of the Fates and their fellow questers.

jasmine is up first, nailing every target and impressing the Queen AND The hard to please Ansgard with her hustle.  She scores 91 points, setting a high bar for the rest of the paladins.  Ashley, who follows her, may be a professional horse trainer, but her arrow and lance skills need work, and she ends her run with 32 points.  Letitia already has the negative attention of Ansgard for her Sunspear loss, and her slow horse work doesn’t win her any favor from the Vizier, either.  She lacked hustle, but her efforts still netted 83 points, keeping her safe for now.

We get a montage of most of the remaining contestants. Arrows are shot! Skulls are smashed! At the end of this, Andrew ties Jasmine’s high score and shows that he’s definitely near the top of this pack of paladins1.

Bonnie has always dreamed of smashing a skull with a hammer2, but she seems to be feeling more pressure since she won last week’s challenge. She proved she’s good at aiming, but when it comes to actually wielding the various weapons, Bonnie crumbles under pressure, missing most of the targets and almost losing control of her horse.  She pulls it together at the end and smashes the skull, but she’s clearly disappointed and tells Ansgard she knows she can do better.

the final competitors, Shondo and Christian, complete their runs.  Shondo’s laser-like focus on “getting the dubs” help him ride and shoot his way to a 183-point finish, blowing past the rest of the competition.  Christian has been bragging about his weapons skills to the other paladins, but his poor horse skills trip him up and he ends with only 30 points. Shondo gets a Mark of Dexterity for his efforts and win; Christian joins Jim and Ashley as part of the group who fate is left to the Fates.

  1. it’s a little early to say, but he’s currently my favorite to win  
  2. don’t get on her bad side  

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