The Quest Episode 2: Horse Play

Bonnie is cracking skulls and taking names on The Quest.
The Quest (Photo: Rick Rowell / ABC)

This week on ABC’s The Quest, our paladins meet their queen and face another challenge.  Who will rise above, and who will be banished?

Last week on The Quest, we met our 12 paladins and journeyed with them to Everealm as they dealt with over-present narration and a bunch of German actors trying to speak in their best British accents.  They learned to fight the oncoming army as a group, and Paladin Katie went home after proving in both the main challenge and the fates’ challenge that she wasn’t as strong a team member as Paladin Patrick.

This week: that same DVD bonus featurette of an intro?  I’d ask if they weren’t trusting us to remember this is a controlled fantasy environment and not entirely real, but this is ABC.  Finally, the Narrator steps in (along with a super cool book intro) and we’re ready to begin.

Another (different) shouty bearded man wakes the paladins up and tells them to get ready to meet the queen. Everyone scrambles around getting their gear on, and Paladin Andrew mentions he’s excited to meet the ruler they’re protecting.  As they approach the royal chambers, Crio reminds everyone to speak only if spoken to. The Vizier (who clearly passed his Doubting Advisor exam with flying colors) makes a catty remark about a paladin already being gone1 before the Queen shuts him down to welcome the Paladins. She’s happy to see the warriors and gives the Vizier and Sir Ansgard an appropriate level of crap about their lodgings being nice enough.  She’s quickly spirited away when a soldier from the front lines bursts in to try and warn them of something before he collapses, dead.

  1. which, isn’t that how the last Quest went?  

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