Catching Up with House of Cards Season 2: Chapters 24-26

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The last few chapters of House of Cards Season 2 solidify Frank’s character as a sociopath—think Daniel Plainview in There Will Be Blood. Like with Plainview, everyone gets screwed, except the Underwoods.

Cue creepy music from the end of Season 2.

“I see calculation.” President Garrett Walker says to Frank Underwood. You’d be right, Garrett.

Screwing with people is serious business, and the stress of being calculating wears on the Underwoods. We see Frank lamenting after excessive lying, “Lie after lie” …… “Even Achilles was only as strong as his heel.”

Megan reunites with Claire for a public interview in support of the military sex abuse bill, and following the interview, we see Megan fumbling with a ton of pills 1. Claire later decides to drop the bill because “the political landscape changed”. Megan to Claire: “You don’t use someone you care about.” Claire goes to visit Megan at her home after Claire hears that Megan tried to commit suicide.

Patricia Walker says to Claire, “You’re a good person, Claire,” and we later see Claire crying.

Even Meechum gets screwed. We see Claire drunk, Claire dropping her glass, the glass breaking, Meechum coming to her aide, Meechum getting cut himself, Claire bandaging him up – this was all clearly done because Claire is into Meechum. Frank comes home to join the party. Remember when Meechum caught Frank watching a threesome via computer porn? Well, that was foreshadowing, folks. Frank, Claire, and Meechum have a threesome, cementing the curiosity of Frank’s bisexual leanings, based on his visit to his alma mater in Season 1.

Enter special prosecutor Dunbar, who is out to screw everyone. Tusk’s henchmen find Doug on camera, and Frank gives Doug a third chance. We see Doug fidgeting. “I’ve never given someone a third chance… until this moment.” Frank recommends President Walker to hand over his travel logs, as Frank is planning to do. The only difference is Frank’s staff comb over his travel logs before they get turned in.

President Walker reunites with Linda, since he cannot do anything alone. “Good things happen to those who do the right thing,” she says. After submitting his travel logs, President Walker’s therapy visits and prescription pills are revealed. Tusk confesses to implicate and screw President Walker, screwing himself in the process. 2

We see Doug deleting Rachel from his phone, destroying his phone, and ordering a new phone. This ends the hacker’s ability to track Doug, but the hacker has enough information. Doug is obviously obsessed with Rachel, and this is screwing with him. Doug forcibly ends Rachel’s lesbian relationship after Doug tries to move Rachel again in fear of the hacker, and thinking Doug is out to kill her this time, Rachel pummels him with a brick 3.

We see Frank and Claire having their last cigarette on the balcony of their home shortly before President Walker resigns. We see Frank and Claire embracing with ridiculously creepy music. As the Walkers retreat, we see Frank getting sworn in. Feng gets screwed, as he is almost immediately removed from the United States to face almost certain death in his return to China. Frank and Claire make their way to the Oval Office with scary opera music now, and Claire lets Frank go in first to give Frank time alone in his new office. “Take a few moments for yourself.”

Thoughts on the Third Season:

1. We see Doug looking lifeless on the ground after Rachel flees the scene. I am not completely sure Doug is gone just yet. Rachel’s life as a call girl for Doug or anyone is seemingly over, but I think we will see more of Rachel in Season 3.

2. Doug realizes that the hacker who was ‘hired’ to ruin Lucas’ life has compromising information that was retrieved from Lucas’ cyberterrorism spree. Turns out the hacker has leverage. The hacker uses this leverage over the agents who are using him and even Doug. Unfortunately, Doug is unable to follow through after Rachel puts Doug on the ground. Besides, Doug, who will the hacker turn to now? What will the hacker do with this information in Season 3!? How will this affect Lucas and Team Zoe!?!?4

3. What about the whole Frank-Tusk- Remy-Walker entanglement? Is Tusk headed for jail? Probably. Where are the Walkers headed? Probably far away from Frank. Where is Remy headed now that he is out of work? Probably not far from Frank. Is Frank really out of the woods yet? 5 With all the skeletons in his closet, I doubt it.

4. Now that Frank has finally gotten what he was plotting for since Walker took office, will Frank finally be satiated? That was a joke. Will Frank ever meet a worthy opponent who is more calculating than Tusk? Hopefully. If you thought Claire wore amazing outfits now, expect even more impressing clothes in the White House. How will Claire use her role as First Lady? Killing cats!?

  1. Xanax much???  
  2. Talk about the art of screwing!  
  3. Is it sad that the only thing I felt for Doug was… brick in the woods?!  
  4. !?!?!?!?!?!?  
  5. Bad pun!  

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