Making Assumptions About Chuck

Chuck (Photo: NBC)

You know what happens when you make an assumption, right? Somewhere a Nerd Herder gets its wings.

Look, I watch a lot of TV. I also make a lot of assumptions.1 It was inevitable that these two sterling aspects of my personality would someday intersect.2 So – five episodes into Chuck, the cult show I should have watched sooner about a guy with the internet in his brain that was not this one, I feel confident that I know where at least some things are going. This show is definitely fresh, definitely funny, definitely not totally run of the mill. But there are only so many stories to be told, no? Thus, here, now, and for the record are my guesses as to some storylines, plot developments, and episode concepts that will occur over the rest of Chuck‘s five seasons. (N.b.: This skips the inevitable discovery by one or more civilians of Chuck’s double life and whatever integration that then entails.)

  1. Casey and Chuck, instead of Sarah and Chuck, will pretend to be together as part of a cover. (season 2)
  2. While accompanying Morgan to a family event – quite probably a funeral – Chuck flashes on someone from Morgan’s past. (season 1)
  3. Ellie is accidentally poisoned by an international assassin, and remains in a coma for at least an episode. (s4)
  4. Chuck, and possibly Morgan, have to perform as strippers as part of a cover. (s3)
  5. Sarah quits the Weinerlicious cover job and decks the manager on the way out the door. (s5 – they milked that outfit for everything it was worth)
  6. Casey is revealed to have a very unexpected hobby, like macrame, or cake decorating, at which he is very good. (s2)
  7. A mission takes the team to a medical conference and Chuck has to wackily avoid being spotted by Captain Awesome. (s1)
  8. While on a stakeout Chuck spots Captain Awesome with someone who is not Ellie. Tortured moralizing ensues. (s3)
  9. Morgan comes through in the clutch for Ellie and ‘wins’ the ‘right’ to go on a date – one! – with her where he proves to be a gentleman with a grasp of issues beyond pop culture, Ellie has a surprisingly good time, and the two part friends but nothing more. (s2)
  10. Chuck has to go back to Stanford where we find out the real reason he was expelled. (s3)
  11. Chuck winds up dangling from a hang glider. (s1)
  12. Chuck and Sarah play videogames, and become closer as a result. (s1-5)
  13. Chuck and Ellie’s missing parent(s) wind up connected to an international spy and/or crime ring. (s4)
  14. Chuck briefly dies. (s2)
  15. An NSA agent with whom Casey has a long rivalry is assigned to the team for a mission and the two spend the episode sniping at one another over comms. (s3 – and I’m hoping it’s Taye Diggs. He makes everything better.)
  16. The team goes to Berlin and Morgan ends up trapped in a wall, somehow. (s4)
  17. The team goes to Berlin and Sarah reveals she doesn’t know any German beyond what she had to say at Weinerlicious. (s4)
  18. Chuck will get to tell someone else to stay in the car. (s2)
  19. Chuck gets his own apartment. (s3)

No spoilers, please – I’ll have a talley once I’ve burned through the whole thing.

  1. Apologies once again Sen. Boxer. Honest mistake.  
  2. I see what I did there.  

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