Sailor Moon: Gorgeous Meditation

Sailor Moon Crystal (Screen: Hulu)
Sailor Moon Crystal (Screen: Hulu)

セーラームーンはy’allの、帰ってきた!だけではなく、オリジナルのエピソードが、新シリーズ!(Sailor Moon is back, y’all! Not just the original episodes, but a new series!)

Back in the day, Cartoon Network had an afternoon programming block known as Toonami, which rotated through a handful of anime series. Thundercats and Voltron would cycle through time and again and Tenchi Muyo was a noble experiment.1 The two show that were the pillars of the programming block were Dragon Ball Z2 and my beloved Sailor Moon.

Why is this show important to me? It was my first experience of TV fandom on the Internet. Webrings and rallying to save a show were introduced to teenage me back in the late ’90s. And I cannot confirm or deny if this was my first experience with “methods,” though I was aware that it was possible to acquire fan-subs of three seasons of the show, all on VHS with gorgeous artwork on each case. Um, ALLEGEDLY.

Now, I had not watched an episode of Sailor Moon in at least a dozen years until about two weeks ago when I saw that the show had been added to Hulu. This isn’t the atrocious Americanized version of the series—Hulu has the Japanese version (with subtitles) and plans on releasing all 200 episodes. Two episodes will be released each Monday and 16 have already posted.3 We’re still a few months away until we reach Sailor Moon R and S4 will not be streaming until 2015.

What will hold us over until then? How about a series reboot? Yes, the reason Hulu has the original Sailor Moon series is because they are about to debut the new series Sailor Moon Crystal. Take a look:

!!! I’m excited. And according to Den of Geek, there’s a lot to be excited about. This won’t be a remake of the series, but rather a reinterpretation of the manga. Although the two media types were similar back in the original run, there isn’t the obstacle of operating in tandem as there was 20 years ago. The episode release schedule—one episode every 1st and 3rd Saturday—also allows for some tweaking, which should allow for solid subtitling.

Saturday mornings are about to get awesome. The first episode drops in two days.

  1. I believe I was the only one who watched.  
  2. Pause FOREVER as we stare each other down  
  3. This includes three of the episodes not part of the American package. I recommend episode six.  
  4. My favorite season  

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