The Bachelorette Rules of the Rose: Re-mime me why I watch this show!

Andi Dorfman and her dorkmen take to the streets of France as mimes on the Bachelorette.
The Bachelorette (Photo: Patrick Aventurier / ABC)

This week The Bachelorette is down to 9 suitors and what better place to significant romantic choices than France’s second largest city, Marseille.

The South of France is the location of choice to turn 9 handsome suitors into 6.  The Bachelorette and her boys are off to Marseille for some sightseeing, sailing and sizable accusations.  Here are the rules to making it to the next exotic locale.

Do: At least try to seem multi-dimensional.  Everyone knows The Bachelorette likes to put suitors in categories and it works for the show and the woman so don’t rush to be more than a ‘type.’

Don’t: Make it difficult to get ‘a read on you.’

Don’t: Be racist, Andrew.  He apparently referred to the two black men earlier in the show as ‘blackies.’ As in he was shocked that they both got roses at the first ceremony.

Do: Break out the color.  Shorts and shirts in a variety of brights complete the ensembles worn by the suitors on this week’s group date.

Do: Know what a country, or city’s, calling card is.  When you think of the classic elements of France the image of street mimes should feature prominently so fellas be prepared to mime, in public.

Don’t: Be a downer, Nick.  No one wants to be on a group date, but you have to take advantage of all the moments you have.

Don’t: Think you’re a front runner.  If you do, you probably aren’t.

Do:  Say it before the Rose Ceremony.  The Bachelorette may easily choose not to have one…bye Marquell.

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  • Clare Snyder

    Marquel is WAAAAY too good for this show. He was the only one who made mimes look fun.