Fall 2014: ABC’s Schedule

Scandal (Photo: Ron Tom / ABC)
Scandal (Photo: Ron Tom / ABC)

ABC got in on the Upfronts action Tuesday, sharing its fall scheduling plans. Though the network is in fourth place, there do not appear to be any big moves…except for Scandal.


  • No changes here: Dancing with the Stars continues with its once-a-week format in its home, followed by mystery series Castle.


  • The front hour will feature two new comedies. Selfie is an existential crisis for the social media age when Eliza Dooley (Karen Gillan) realizes true friendship isn’t measured in likes and retweets.1 This will be followed by Manhattan Love Story, which uses a young couples inner monologues to point out all the foibles of modern dating.
  • Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will shift to 9pm in an effort to hold this night together.
  • Forever stars Ioan Gruffudd as a New York City medical examiner who has one case he can’t seem to solve: what happened 200 years ago that has made him immortal. The show takes over the 10pm slot.


  • The Middle starts the night, followed by sophomore 80s comedy The Goldbergs. Modern Family will serve as lead-in to new comedy Black-ish, which sounds like a modern spin on The Cosby Show, with a well-to-do family trying to tap in to their cultural heritage. Laurence Fishburne and Larry Wilmore are executive producers, so I’m optimistic about this one.
  • Nashville will be back for a third season!


  • ABC has not launched a successful scripted show at 8pm on Thursdays since Ugly Betty. Instead of launching, Grey’s Anatomy will slide to the timeslot, kicking off a Shonda Rhimes night.
  • The most shocking thing to happen this season may be Scandal moving to 9pm. This might mean less wrist chomping due to the earlier timeslot. On the plus side, less wrist chomping.
  • 10pm will feature the new drama How to Get Away with Murder, which stars Viola Davis as a law professor whose students apply their lessons a little too heavily.2


  • Last Man Standing will lead-off the 8pm hour, followed by new comedy Cristela. Cristela Alonzo stars as a woman struggling to finish law school while her Mexican-American family tries to mitigate her ambition. I’ve enjoyed Alonzo on Comedy Central’s @Midnight, so I hope the show is better than the premise.
  • Shark Tank and 20/20 will stay put at 9pm and 10pm, respectively.


  • College football. Go Cuse!


  • America’s Funniest Home Videos continues to exist at 7pm.
  • Once Upon a Time will hang on to the 8pm slot.
  • Resurrection will return for another batch of episodes at 9pm to start off the season, with new drama American Crime taking over at the hiatus. This show follows the prosecution of a violent home invasion, as told from the point of view of the victims.
  • Revenge3 closes out the week at 10pm.
  1. First, WRONG. Second, UGH.  
  2. With sexy results, no doubt.  

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  • Aaron Mucciolo

    ‘Forever’ – because ‘New Amsterdam’ was a little ahead of its time, and didn’t have enough doctors.

    • I thought that premise sounded familiar. Sorry folks, this blog will be 90% ABC in the fall.