Eurovision Song Contest 2014 Preview: Final Thoughts

Eurovision Song Contest 2014 (Photo: Eurovision)
Eurovision Song Contest 2014 (Photo: Eurovision)

Who will win the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest? We conclude our coverage of this year’s entries by discussing the 26-song lineup in Saturday’s Grand Final.

Friday evening Mike and Ben talked about this year’s Eurovision Song Contest—the surprises from the first semifinal, the upheaval on the odds chart, and our hopes and dreams for the Grand Final. The competition begins at 9pm CET, 3pm Eastern, and 12pm Pacific.

Mike: Hello, Cleveland calling

Ben: Cambridge reporting in as well. Well…16/20 of the semi-final entries predicted correctly. Not bad, considering the field this year.

Mike: Yeah, everybody stepped up their game this year, which I hope is a trend and not a fluke.

Ben: Agreed.

Mike: Should we dive right into the final?

Ben: Sure, we could also start by talking about what didn’t make the final

Mike: I’m not through the denial phase in my mourning, but perhaps this will help.

Tanja / Estonia (Eurovision MiniPop: Ben Morris)
Tanja / Estonia (Eurovision MiniPop: Ben Morris)

Ben: Perhaps. I think the only surprise from the first semi-final for me was Estonia not making it through

Mike: I was shocked initially since I thought Tanja and co. had sufficiently distanced themselves from the “Euphoria” comparisons.

Ben: even though it wasn’t my particular cup of tea (there was something about Tanja’s voice), it seemed strong enough in its field to make it through
right.  It was enough of its own thing

Mike: Watching back the performance Tuesday night it was….not great

Ben: Agreed.  I was disappointed at how they used the stage.
You have all these screens and the grid available
and go “Make it look like the rehearsal studio we practiced this in”

Mike: Belgium not advancing was a bit of a surprise. I mean, it’s a perfect entry for Motherboy XXXV, but I thought it would have been reward for Axel singing the hell out of it.

Ben: Well, now I’ve got the image of Buster singing that for Lucille in my head. Which is perfect. He did sing the hell out of it, but it maybe got a little too opera-y for Eurovision viewers? France tried that a few years ago
and everyone thought it would do really well because Opera and then it didn’t.

Mike: Hehe, yeah, that was the last time the Contest reached a level of competitiveness so rarely experienced.

Hersi / Albania (Eurovision MiniPop: Ben Morris)
Hersi / Albania (Eurovision MiniPop: Ben Morris)

Ben: Another performance I thought was great in the first semi was Albania.  I could have seen that one getting through on the strength of Hersi’s performance.

Mike: Yes, she turned it out. Also: getting the tattoo for the postcard was a level of dedication I would like to see from more ESC acts.

Ben: Yeah.  We should talk about how awesome the postcards are this year at a later point in this conversation. Because I’ve been straight up loving how they did them this year.

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