Survivor Cagayan Recap: Counting is Hard

Tasha tries to unlock immunity for a fourth time on Survivor: Cagayan.
Survivor: Cagayan (Screen: CBS)

Survivor: Cagayan Episode 11: “Havoc to Wreak” — How do you get rid of Tony when he has idols coming out of his ears? Spencer and Kass might have a plan, but they need to woo Woo…

Previously on Survivor Cagayan: Woo won ribs at the Survivor auction. Tony won a clue to yet another hidden immunity idol, making the next couple episodes realllllllllllly boring and shrill. Tony and Spencer orchestrated a blindside of sorts, getting rid of Jefra while leaving Kass and Trish in the dark

Prologue — Night 30

Kass doesn’t like being kept in the dark and having someone on her team suddenly change loyalties if it benefits their game. Before we can accuse her of calling the kettle black, she adds that she doesn’t appreciate Tony stealing plays out of her gameplan either. She and Tony bicker, which is not interesting beyond Spencer pointing out that two other tribemates fighting takes the heat off him for however long they go at it.

The next day, Kass and Tasha feign sleeping in so they can eavesdrop on Tony, Woo and Spencer chatting. The guys are shooting the breeze and Kass hears her name. She believes Tony was disparaging her, but Tony wasn’t (this time). This leads to more bickering and threats of taking the ball and going home and OH MY GOD THIS IS BORING. After the credits, we rejoin Tony later in the day and he re-confronts Kass about the situation. He tells everyone he has a special idol, but no one believes him. More hoots and clicks between Kass and Tony.

Reward Challenge

The tribe is split into two teams of three: Woo, Spencer and Kass versus Tony, Trish and Tasha. The players take turns throwing bean bags at a giant block puzzle. Once one team knocks down their opponent’s puzzle, the tribes will swap and reassemble the puzzle. The advantage here is that the team that knocks down the blocks will have blocks already in place when they start to rebuild. The first team to finish rebuilding wins a trip to a village to hand out school supplies to kids and eat hot dogs. Spencer’s team wins.

Camp Life

Spencer, Kass, and Woo have what appears to be an awesome time at the village. Woo does a martial arts demonstration and puts on a show for the youngsters. Spencer and Kass both comment that this is the most open Woo has been the whole season, which is surprising to me. My guess is that Spencer and Kass have not included him in their social game, which is a huge mistake. The former Brains members try to draw Woo into their strategy by proposing a three-way split in voting this week in hopes of getting rid of Tony. Spencer even goes so far as to propose a Spencer/Kass/Woo final three. First, we’ve already established this island’s chief export is immunity idols, so the idea that Tony may have more than one isn’t farfetched. Second, what’s the plan if Tony wins the immunity challenge? You all know he has at least one idol, so he could give that to Trish. Woo stays non-committal, which drives Spencer nuts. Good.

On the way back to the beach, Woo half-heartedly says he’s on-board with the plan. Everybody knows within 30 seconds of exposure to Tony that Woo will collapse like a soufflé, so why are we wasting time on this? Woo tells Tony the plan is to get rid of Tasha, but Tony knows that can’t be true because why would Spencer get rid of his one ally? Tony’s not dangerous because he’s a pathological liar: he’s a threat because he can read these people without any trouble at all.

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