What Else is On? May 7-13, 2014

Jon Taffer and Tiffany Derry observe a potential client's restaurant operation.
Hungry Inverstors (Photo: Spike)

What Else is On TV this week? We have the Eurovision Song Contest, the American Comedy Awards, Rosemary’s Baby, Hungry Investors, and Riot.

Thursday, May 8

Eurovision Song Contest Second Semi-FinalTen entries have already advanced to join the Big 5 and Denmark in Saturday’s ESC Grand Final. Which 10 entries will advance from this semi-final? You can watch live on the official Eurovision website starting at 3pm Eastern.

American Comedy Awards — NBC will air this special honoring some of the most popular standup comedians currently on the road. The awards were handed out on April 26, so my guess is NBC needed two weeks to make the content suitable for a broadcast network audience. The special airs at 9pm.

Saturday, May 10

Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final — Thirty-seven countries entered this year’s competition, 26 will compete in the final, and one country will win the right to host next year’s 60th edition. This is so big, we’re actually posting stuff on Saturday! The fun begins at 3pm Eastern.

Sunday, May 11

Rosemary’s Baby — Happy Mother’s Day? NBC will air its remake of the classic psychological thriller over two nights (Sunday and next Thursday). Zoe Saldana stars. The movie starts at 9pm.

Hungry Investors — Spike jumps into the reality investor genre while drawing on other successful programs. Bar Rescue‘s Jon Taffer, Top Chef‘s Tiffany Derry, and Next Iron Chef runner-up John Besh pit two restaurants against each other for the chance to earn investment money. I’m intrigued. The first episode airs at 10pm.

Tuesday, May 13

Riot — Steve Carell returns to television with this new improv comedy series. The twist here is that sometimes the set is at an extreme angle or a giant wrecking ball flies in from out of nowhere. That’s one way to get out of a scene, I guess. The laughs may or may not start at 9pm.

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