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Sarah and Felix come up with a plan on Orphan Black.
Orphan Black (Photo: Steve Wilkie / BBC America)

Orphan Black Season 2 Episode #3: Mingling its Own Nature With It — The Clone Club never ceases to find new members.This week on Orphan Black we find out that Kira’s dad is a bearded woodsman who made a fortune creating mini drones to pollenate plant life that were sold to the US Government for who knows what.  His name is Cal and he’s a handsome mix of Plain, Boots and Brooklyn.  After finding Sarah, Felix and Kira have broken into his wooded abode, he decides to let them stay, ya know, because Sarah’s just revealed he’s Kira’s father.  Sarah and Cal share a moment and we think this just might last longer than an episode or two.

Meanwhile back with the Prolethians, or a sect of the Prolethians – I’m really not sure who this crazy cult is, but they’re trying to turn Helena into a miracle – either because she’s a clone, with mirrored organs, and unable to bear children and apparently still alive after being shot at point blank range.

Meanwhile popping pills and sipping from a flask, Alison’s play is premiering.  But first, she gets a visit from a new “neighbor” played by Angie, the new detective Art’s been working with.  Alison calls her bluff and Angie’s left with a blown cover and no new info.    Back in their lab, Cosima and Delphine are still searching for answers as to why the clones are dying and why Cosima’s sick and may be nest.  Insert new clone – Jennifer Fitzsimmons was the first clone to show symptoms kept a video journal as she traveled to the Dyad Institute and died shortly after.  After watching her journal, Cosima and Delphine move Jennifer’s body to the lab for further testing.  Perhaps she’ll be another clue as to why Mrs. S was so insistent that Kira was the key.  Next week, Sarah’s been caught, but will she risk her life to get back to Kira….probably.


Clone of the Week: Jennifer Fitzsimmons

I know you’re wondering why.  Because she. could. change. everything.  She’s in the Clone Club and never even knew it.  She’s the first to get sick, she seems the most normal – teacher, not popping pills, not having kids out of wedlock, not having an affair/married to her “monitor” (though that man in her life…).  I’m also just hoping, wishing, praying that.

Monitor Watch

Somehow this week the monitors were quiet, but we’re still trying to figure out if Delphine IS Cosima’s monitor, if she really cares about her or if she just got caught up in an unfortunate time and place.

Honorable Episode Mention

Isn’t it weird that Felix leaves Sarah and Kira to return and “help” Alison with her play.  He gladly hitchhikes through the mountains and back to civilization, leaving the woman he calls his “sister” with the little girl he treats as a daughter in what’s, as far as he really knows, a potentially dangerous man’s house.  Hmmmmm?


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