RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap: Glitter Ball

The WalkthRu begins with Adore and Ru totally makes the poor girl cry. Adore really wants to make Ru and herself proud and she is frustrated. Ru tells her to apply her talents to her garment creation. Darienne tells Ru that she still has room to grow, but there’s always something “off” for her during the challenges. Ru basically says “you better win.” Eek. Miss Crème is trying to channel a movie cocktail party for her rose quartz eleganza. Before Ru leaves, he tells the queens that Khloe Kardashian and Bob Mackie will be returning to the judging panel, and that the girls need to choreograph and learn an opening number. Surprise! Only they do it every season, so…not a surprise, really.

Cut to the queens rehearsing on the main stage. It is the definition of “clusterfuck.” Everyone hates each other’s choreography and everyone wants to take charge. I don’t know how this will come together but for now we go back to the Werkroom and continue making garments. Darienne hates her dress and starts completely over from scratch. Uh oh. Bianca teaches Adore how to make a tutu for her dress, and I love these two. I would love to watch a reality show of these hoes living together in NYC.

Runway time! With three looks, we gotta get to it early. Khloe Kardashian is wearing a sailor outfit for some reason, but she looks awesome in it so what do I know? Bob Mackie is also there, because it’s best to have someone on the panel that knows sewing and Santino doesn’t cut it. The opening number has miraculously come together and all the girls do well, but I cannot take my eyes off Adore and her sloppy, spacey beauty.

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