Eurovision 2014 Entry: United Kingdom — Molly — Children of the Universe

Molly / United Kingdom (Eurovision MiniPop: Ben Morris)
Molly / United Kingdom (Eurovision MiniPop: Ben Morris)

Molly’s “Children of the Universe” is proof that tapping into the Introducing program is the best choice for Eurovision the UK has made in years.

Country: United Kingdom
Song Title: “Children of the Universe”
Artist: Molly
Last year’s entry: “Believe in Me” – Bonnie Tyler (19th Place)

I can’t believe it’s taken the UK (and the BBC) this long to tap into something like the BBC Introducing… program for the Eurovision Song Contest.  After moving to an internal selection model, there should have been a realization two years ago after Englebert Humperdinck’s poor performance 1 that the Aging Pop Singers model was not working.  At all.  By tapping into a network of young, talented songwriters (who are HUNGRY for a stage like the ESC), the BBC finally has something that feels like a credible contender.  Check out the new promo:

I’ve said that this is my favorite crop of Big 5 entries this year, and I think Molly’s song is my favorite of the bunch.  There’s an anthemic nature to the vocals that reminds me of Florence & the Machine 2, but there’s also a nice nod to what’s going on in British dance music right now with the Drum n’ Base backing that fills the chorus.  Molly’s voice suits the melody well3, and the lyrics are catchy and immediately memorable.  In what is maybe the weirdest comparison I’ve made during our coverage this year, the song sounds like it should be soundtracking the triumphant moment of a Doctor Who Christmas Special.  I mean this in the best way possible.4

The UK finally seems to have their groove back, and I think a intense, focused performance would suit this best – something similar to the first video the BBC posted of the song or Denmark’s winning performance last year.  All eyes should be on Molly, and I think if they are, the UK has a good chance at not only cracking the top 10, but stealing the crown away from some of the other expected contenders.

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  1. or honestly, after Blue’s middling performance in 2011  
  2. although that may just be the harp  
  3. since she’s also the songwriter, one would hope this is the case  
  4. seriously, Moffat – get Molly on the phone to record something and maybe offer her a guest spot  

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