DWTS Haikus: Latin Night with Ricky Martin

Team Vida Dance

Charlie, James, NeNe
All in jeopardy
Pacing was inconsistent
Lost sync a few times
Score: 35 (8-10-8-9)1

Team Loca Dance

Meryl, Danica, Amy, Candace. Because of Amy’s injury, the dress rehearsal will be used for judging.
Everyone holds back

In studio, they still danced
This whole thing seems odd
Score: 39 (10-10-9-10)2


Safe: Charlie / Sharna
James and NeNe on the spot
Going home: NeNe. Yeah.

Next week: Abby Lee Miller from Dance Moms will be the guest judge. The six remaining dancers (hopefully Amy returns!) will be paired up to do routines. James and Charlie are still on the spot: they are at the bottom of the scoreboard.

  1. Charlie: 71 James: 70 NeNe: 66  
  2. Amy: 75 Candace: 74 Danica: 72 Meryl: 78  

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