Bad Teacher: The Hell Did I Just Watch?

Bad Teacher (Photo:

Mooch searches for words regarding CBS’s Bad Teacher.

Supposed to do a normal new show writeup here.

Feel like haikus would be more appropriate.

No, not haikus. 60s pulp fiction parody? Abstract art? Tap dancing… somehow this involves tap dancing, but not the avoiding the issue tap-dancing, more the showmanship and rapid pace and almost always inherent incongruity of tap dancing.

I don’t know what I’m saying right now. I just watched the pilot of Bad Teacher and it somehow is everything and nothing, a single camera comedy that quickly condenses and dispenses with the premise of the 2011 movie while holding onto a few too many elements, a sometimes chuckle-worthy underutilization of the skills of various cast members (Sara Gilbert, David Alan Greer, Kristin Davis among them). I mean, Ari Graynor is spot on doing whatever she… what is going on here? What is this show? Who wrote… who… what?

I can’t believe I’m saying this: I think I need to watch another episode to see what the hell this show is actually going to be about, and then determine if it’s worth watching under any circumstances. This show was the laughable land mine no one on staff here wanted to cover. And I might watch another episode? Is the fact that it avoids the Chuck Lorre/Mom trap by going single camera, not dragging, and not completely wasting the good lines and performances enough to make me think there’s something worth watching here? Has my bar dropped so low?1

That’s an important side note – despite my love for French Stewart, Alison Janney, Anna Faris, and Nate Corddry Mom is not on my watchlist. Why? It is the most typical blah blah blah three camera I’ve seen in so long2 and it doesn’t spend enough time with the real fun side characters.

Meanwhile something is happening with Bad Teacher or maybe it isn’t or… this show was supposed to debut last fall? Have they rewritten and reedited stuff? Why are… what?

Bad Teacher is on CBS Thursdays at 930/830c because… huh?

  1. Was it ever so high?  
  2. Okay: Sean Saves the World but I’ve wiped that from my mind.  

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  • Clare Snyder

    “Bad Teacher” is on my DVR and I look forward to wondering WTF I just watched. Also, agree about “Sean Saves the World,” it practically defines the term generic.

    • Aaron Mucciolo


      • He’ll be fine, he’s in the pilot for the Odd Couple reboot with Matthew Perry. :::ducks:::