Oprah Knows Best: How Lindsay On Own – Lilo Needs a Stich

Lindsay Lohan (Photo: OWN)
Lindsay (Photo: OWN)

Well, we’ve made it to the finale (series) of Lindsay On Own and we’re equally disappointed in Lindsay and the show.

I don’t know if I wanted Linds to spiral out of control of just get her life together, but when neither happened during the 8 hours that made up Lindsay on Own TV, I was disappointed.  Here’s what actually happened during the finale.  Not much.  Lindsay continued to be late for appointments, or miss them altogether.  She DID return to the Brooklyn school where she previously volunteered, to see some of her old friends and help support the kids.  She THEN proceeded to have a night out with friends, highlighted by one of her table mates singing the praises of his gin and tonic.  LiLo just laughs….like she’s had a sip or two off camera.


We’re really excited when Lindsay shows up early, gasp, to meet with a producer friend about a project called Inconceivable.  The producer is excited, Lindsay is excited, but it seems indeed, inconceivable that this movie will ever be made.  (Update: it DOES have an IMDB page, with no accompanying info).  Lindsay then meets with another producer friend at one of the famed Colorado festivals to promote yet another project we have yet to see make it into the news lately.  Here’s hoping that can move forward.


Finally, in this extra-long two part (two hour) episode, ever-present assistant, Matt, returns to Los Angeles for a while.  He wont tell us why, but the tabloids reveal that Lindsay couldn’t afford him without her production bankroll.  Matt insists he’s always paid up front so that wasn’t the issue.  (Ummm, so you’re paid upfront, forever?) He says Lindsay asked for his help later when she was in LA, presumably being paid to do something else, and he later returns to NYC to do press for Linday on Own.  In the end we’re not quite sure what the future holds for little LiLo.  Her mom’s writing a book with a ghostwriter she doesn’t want the cameras to see.  “They’re filming this, they’re filming this!”  Well, yes, how else is your daughter going to bankroll your life?!  Luckily, Lindsay is also in talks for a book – we suggest “Lilo’s Gonna Need A Stitch”


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