RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap: The RuPaul Show

Runway! Chaz and Georgia are on the panel, as well as Paula Abdul, who is the most lip-synched performer in Drag Race history (and probably drag history as well). This week’s theme: animal couture!

Darienne Lake is wearing a gray boobalicious dress with elephant tusk earrings and her Paula Deen wig. She looks great and is clearly serving elephant. The judges think she looks right on the runway but was nervous during the challenge.

Adore Delano is more “animalistic” than “animal” in an S & M bodysuit and jeweled facemask that impedes her speech. The panel says her look is not great tonight and her interview was even less so.

BenDeLaCreme is wearing her most costume-y look yet, which is literally a fly costume. It is amazing, but not the best way to show her authentic self. The judges could tell she had studied fly movements and enjoyed her more real and up-to-date approach to the interview.

Bianca Del Rio stomps the runway in a cheetah print dress with cheetah body paint. Gorgeous! She just tops herself every week, almost. Chaz says she looks great but didn’t ask Georgia any questions, and Bianca admits that time management was an issue.

Joslyn Fox has on a very tangentially animalistic outfit, with some feathers and random zebra print scattered about but very little direction. Her look is too unfocused according to the judges, and Michelle and Chaz call her out for making Georgia uncomfortable with the abortion question. Joslyn feels terrible and apologizes. She is so sweet, you guys, she just made a terrible boner there.

Trinity K. Bonet has a beautiful phoenix outfit with a bit of a tribal vibe to it. It looks directly from the Lion King musical. Paula loves her look and how much detail it has. Michelle calls Trinity out for calling Chaz by the wrong name. Trinity should grovel and beg for forgiveness but she doesn’t. Oh, Trinity. Jesus.

Courtney Act comes out in a beautiful light blue breastplate with huge wings attached at the back. It is stunning and obviously expensive. You know the other queens can’t afford that kind of fancy shit. The nipples on the breastplate are a bit distracting, though. Chaz has a huge crush on Courtney. Paula thinks her interview was engaging.

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