RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap: The RuPaul Show

Time for the WalkthRu! Adore is worried about striking a balance between being prepared and being boring. Joslyn knows a lot about Chaz and Georgia already, but plans to maybe use too many “Cher’s vagina” jokes. I know what you’re thinking, “there’s no such thing as too many Cher’s vagina jokes,” but Ru disagrees. Miss Crème will try to show her true personality. Courtney smartly asks Ru for advice on getting better critiques from the judges, and Ru tells her to be more well-rounded and open in terms of vulnerability and likability. Trinity tells Ru that she badly wants a win this time. Before leaving, Ru tells the girls that Paula Abdul will be an extra judge on the main stage. Adore freaks out a bit at this American Idol mini-reunion in the making.

We go to the set of The RuPaul Show, which is an actual now-defunct talk show that the queens will be guest-hosting for the challenge. Adore is up first and seems a bit nervous and unprepared. It doesn’t help that Georgia Holt and Chaz Bono are pretty terrible interviewees. Adore asks about Georgia’s childhood performances and she gives a total Eeyore answer about it being during the Great Depression, to which Adore rather hilariously responds “Party!” Bianca goes next and seems to do a great job of interviewing Chaz, but doesn’t get around to talking to Georgia.

Trinity’s interview starts out awkwardly when she calls Chaz “Chad.” It gets more awkward when she continues to do so the entire time. Oh, Trinity, you’ve been doing so well lately. Unfortunately Chaz does not do the polite thing, which is to laugh and say “it’s Chaz, actually, but you’re such a pretty lady.” Instead he silently alternates between steaming about it and being vaguely amused. Courtney is noticeably subdued and very conversational in her interview, and it seems to put the guests at ease, which is job number one of a talk show host. You can tell Courtney knows how to handle straight men because she really charms Chaz.

Darienne asks Chaz if he shares any traits with his mother Cher, and he responds “no.” That’s it. See, this is what I mean when I say he is a terrible interviewee. “No” is such a rude response to a valid question. It sounds like he is dissing Cher, honestly. You can’t think of one thing that you share in common with your mom? Christ, I can think of fifty things my mother and I have in common. Lighten the hell up, Chaz Bono. Seriously. Ironically, Chaz accuses Darienne of seeming uncomfortable during the interview.

Miss Crème is also very charming during her interview and handles Georgia’s Great Depression references with the greatest of ease. Both Georgia and Chaz are impressed. Joslyn finishes the day with a rather awkward interview. She starts off with, naturally, a Cher’s-vagina joke. Then she is adorable and funny. Then she asks Georgia if she’s pro-life or pro-choice. It turns out that Georgia was open about this topic in her documentary, but the question put Georgia on the spot in this moment and it was rather uncomfortable to watch.

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