What Else is On? April 16-22, 2014

Salem (Photo: WGN America)
Salem (Photo: WGN America)

This week’s television is about cable networks exploring new territory. WGN and Hallmark expand their scripted offerings while TVGN works with Alan Thicke. Here’s what else is on.

Wednesday, April 16

Lucky Bastards — It’s the Real D-bags of Bro-in’ County on Esquire’s newest series. Here’s how the network describes the show: “Six guy friends (entrepreneurs, privileged ne’er-do-wells and even a prince) are living life to the fullest in NYC, kicking ass, taking names and getting lots of numbers.” Charming. Catch the premiere at 10pm.

Unusually Thicke — Alan Thicke stars in this “reality” “comedy” with his wife and son (not Robin). I found the sizzle reel baffling, though not as bizarre as that time Thicke explained the plot of Twin Peaks.1 Back-to-back episodes air on TV Guide Network at 10pm.

Thursday, April 17

Scandal — Olivia Pope and associates are still trying to keep Mama Pope from blowing up President NyQuil Fitz as the election approaches. There’s a good chance not everyone is going to survive the season finale. Get caught up with Sandra’s rundowns, then watch what happens at 10pm on ABC.

Friday, April 18

Writers’ Room — Sundance has brought back this quirky interview series where Jim Rash (Community) chats with the people who make the shows we love. This season’s series include ScandalGame of ThronesPretty Little Liars, and House of Cards. New episodes air at 9pm.

Saturday, April 19

Orphan Black — Clone Club assemble! Tatiana Maslany is back in at least quadruplicate as the second season of the hit science fiction series kicks off. Where’s Kira? Can the Dyad Institute be trusted? Will Felix and Alison get their own spin-off? Find out at 9pm on BBC America. The network will also have an all day marathon Friday of season one starting at 9am.

Sunday, April 20

Signed, Sealed, Delivered — Hallmark continues its foray into scripted series with this new offering that’s part Cold Case, part Touched by an Angel, and part…King of Queens?2 Postal detectives try to track down the intended recipients of undelivered mail. This could be reallllly goofy or kind of fun. Also, the post office managers will be played by a rotating cast of classic TV stars, including Valerie Harper and Carol Burnett. Catch the premiere at 8pm.

Salem — WGN America has entered the original series game. This show is based on the infamous Salem witch trials, but probably has a better special effects budget. The program debuts at 10pm.

In My Dreams — Kat McPhee (Smash) is going to be an actress, dammit, even if she has to beat us into submission. She stars in this Hallmark Hall of Fame movie about a lonesome restauranteur and a lonesome architect having dreams about each other after making separate wishes in a magic fountain. So it’s You’ve Got Mail as interpreted by The Ring? Awesome. The movie airs on ABC at 9pm.

Tuesday, April 22

Faking It — MTV presents this comedy about two female friends who suddenly become popular when they are outed as lesbians. The problem: they aren’t. I sense thesis material here. See if the show is worth writing home about when it debuts at 10:30pm.

  1. The use of Madonna’s “Vogue” is truly inspired. I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP.  
  2. Are there any other shows about delivery servicepeople?  

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