Bro Down with Lucky Bastards

Lucky Bastards (Photo: Esquire Network)
Lucky Bastards (Photo: Esquire Network)

Esquire takes a page from…uh…Esquire in its new series Lucky Bastards. Think of it as the Real D-Bags of New York City.


Lucky Bastards, Wednesdays at 10pm on Esquire.


The life and times of six bon vivants in New York City. Some are entrepreneurs, one’s an Italian prince (with a brother named Skip…I mean Prince Skip), all of them have access to money and hair products.


Lucky Bastards is on the Esquire Network, and the show feels like an extension of the magazine. The Italian prince is Lorenzo Borghese, whom you may remember from The Bachelor. The production company True Productions also handles the Real Housewives series.

What Works

Unlike the Real Housewives of wherever, I actually believe these guys interact with one another outside of the production and may actually enjoy each other’s company. There is the frequent busting of chops, but it seems to be based in the spirit of camaraderie rather than DRAMA.

What Doesn’t Work

The audience for Lucky Bastards is rather specific, as evidenced by the game of hot potato at WEIO HQ to decide who gets to do this write-up. I am outside of the Money—Power—Sex—Self Worth cycle in which the protagonists of this show function, and I would like to think I’m not a raging misogynist. I was folding laundry while sitting through the pilot—I’m not in this show’s demo. Production-wise, the show is fine. But I cannot evaluate the content because the world is not my world, not a world I will be part of and not a world I wish to visit, even for 44 minutes a week.


Throughout the episode I kept thinking to myself “this show must share the same audience with Mixology.” If that show is for you, I guess watch this? But as someone who enjoys working and doesn’t measure my value as a human by notches in a bedpost, I can’t in good conscience recommend this program.

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