Survivor Cagayan Recap: Ninja Stealth Mode

Woo considers activating Ninja Stealth Mode.
Survivor: Cagayan (Photo: CBS)

Survivor: Cagayan Episode 7: “Mad Treasure Hunt” — Someone gets a hidden immunity idol clue. All hell breaks loose. Ninja stealth mode engaged.

Previously on Survivor Cagayan: Aparri and Solana join forces and become the Solarrion tribe. Sarah, who used to be in good graces with the original Aparri (Brawn) tribe has an equally attractive offer to stick with her new friends. Instead of playing hard to get—as you should when you are the swing vote—Sarah tries to call the shots, ticking off Kass. Trish tries to flip the hard to get (see?) Kass with a soft sell. Tony and LJ panic and play their hidden immunity idols. Aparri voted for Sarah while Solana voted for Jefra1…except Kass, who also voted for Sarah. SWING. Sarah is the first member of the jury.

Prologue – Night 19

Spencer continues his twerpiness from Tribal Council, lecturing Kass for flipping and executing poor strategy. Kass counter-lectures and it’s on of those moments where you block both people for polluting your Twitter feed. Jeezy creezy, just whip out your MENSA scores and measure them and go to bed. Kass interviews she sees herself as a free agent, adding that everyone is mad because she messed up their respective games. That is a sound long-term strategy, Patton. The rallying of the troops continues the next morning when Kass and Morgan get into an argument over who can be the most passive-aggressive. Again, everybody loses because everybody in the fight wins. Who knew Lindsey would provide tonal foreshadowing?

Reward Challenge – Day 20

The tribe arrives at Challenge Beach. They get randomly split into two teams of five: the Orange team has LJ, Jefra, Morgan, Spencer, and Jeremiah; the Purple team features Woo, Tony, Kass, Trish, Tasha. After completing a water obstacle course, the team has to carry a chest to the base of a tower. The team members climb up the tower, then hoist the chest up to the top. Once there, the tribe puts together a puzzle (shocker, I know). The first team to complete the puzzle wins lunch at [Product Placement] Steakhouse.

Orange takes the lead early when Woo slips on a balance beam in the obstacle course. That oughta satisfy the people who thought he cheated last week by wearing the weird footie-shoes. Purple overtakes Orange en route to the tower and gets a head start on the puzzle. Woo gets stymied on the puzzle, allowing LJ and Spencer to win the prize for the Orange team.

Camp Life

Back at Solarrion, Woo, Tony, Kass and Trish talk strategy. Kass opens the conversation by asking if people are more nervous about Spencer or Jeremiah. That doesn’t sound like a free agent to me. Kass tries says she’s still weighing her options, even though she does not regret how things played out the night before. Tony interviews he can’t get a read on Kass, which makes him uncomfortable. He and Woo agree that finding the HII Deluxe would probably be a good idea.

Meanwhile, the Orange team enjoys their meal at [Product Placement]. I always find this kind of sponsorship odd, as if the ad copy should read “starving people LOVE our food. Bring grandma and the kids!” As Spencer uses his napkin at the end of the meal, he discovers a mini-parchment and pockets it for later.

  1. Smart move, LJ and Tony!  

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