Oprah Knows Best: Lindsay on Own…Alone

Lindsay (Photo: OWN)
Lindsay (Photo: OWN)

Yes, thankfully Lindsay on Own is still giving me life, sadly I’m not sure everyone we’ve come to love on it will last through the season.

Lindsay’s not sober, right? This week we learn that Lindsay is going to LA to meet with a director about an upcoming project that I can’t remember the name of, probably because Lindsay on Own was shot months and months ago and (not-so-spoiler alert) we haven’t heard about Lindsay working since.  Remember last week when she cried to AJ that she wanted to work and then we get to this week and she’s so excited to be going to LA to talk about work.  Well, AJ also worked some magic and hooked Linds up with mega-production exec DeVon Franklin of Sony.  He and Lindsay speak on the phone and again Lindsay cries.  She’s so happy to have set up a meeting with him while she’s on the West Coast and even has her mom nearly in tears because we KNOW that woman is just waiting for her daughter to be able to afford to buy her a new car.  No no, I kid…kind of.

Well, this is all fine and dandy until LiLo actually goes to LA.  She’s supposed to actually stay with AJ during her trip, but she just never shows up. We are confident she was IN LA, the evidence is in a paparazzi photo of her reaching for a wine bottle (more on that later), but she doesn’t see or speak to AJ at all, nor does she make her meeting with Mr. Franklin.   You see, Lindsay herself tells us that the meeting was scheduled for 12:30pm, but she just woke up at 12:00pm and was in a panic, she called Mr. Franklin and he “totally” understood.  We’re sure he understood SOMETHING, but probably not that he ever wants to work with her.  Back the wine bottle.  Linds says she was in a hurry and reaching for her bag that was conveniently next to the wine bottle so it just LOOKED like she was drinking.  Not to be confused with the time she admits to having had “a” glass of wine, a month prior, because she was dating someone new who drank and she wasn’t strong enough.  Clearly she still isn’t.  But she’s obviously telling herself differently as she, back in New York, refuses to see AJ because she feels she was disrespected when AJ basically called her on her LA stupidity.  She also refuses to see the production crew, in LA and later in New York because, as usual, she’s tired.  Isn’t she tired of pushing away everyone who’s trying to help her, doesn’t she know she can’t do it alone? Only time, and Oprah, will tell.

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