Shrill & Fabulous: Bravo Reality the Week of April 4, 2014

Shrill & Fabulous
Shrill & Fabulous

The Drunk, Rowdy, and Assertive Megalomaniacs of America (DRAMA) head to Nashville for debauchery and bickering on this week’s edition of Shrill & Fabulous.

Shrill & Fabulous Season 6 Episode 4: Nash Bridges

Patti’s clients include a New York City socialite, plus an owner of a Las Vegas PR firm. An adventurer and paramedic turns to the Internet when he questions marrying his girlfriend. Meanwhile, Luis seeks his first commission of the year while trying to whip Todd into shape; and Fredrik has a random encounter with Ryan. Dr. Jackie shocks Dr. Simone with news, and accusations fly at Dr. Heavenly’s cocktail party.

Jeff is asked to travel to Nashville to help a friend buy a new home. Porsha heads to the studio to record her own song, stirring up drama with Kandi, whose musical opens in one week. Kim gives Brandi acting lessons; Lisa and Joyce connect over dinner; Kim receives tips about plumping her lips; and Kyle gets a tutorial on how to be a TV presenter.

Thomas hosts a dinner in a bid to teach his friends not to make the same mistakes he’s made. Carole receives an honor at a Coney Island parade, spurring the other ladies to strut the boardwalk dressed as seagoing drag queens.

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