5 Awesome Ways to Embrace Scandal Gladiator Code

Scandal (Photo: ABC)
Scandal (Photo: ABC)

This week on Scandal, Gladiators don’t run, they fight.

So Gladiators, button up your business onesies and settle into the sofa.  Over in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia of course!) Olivia is busy figuring out where all of B613’s power and privilege come from.  Her father agrees to help her on intel, but Huck warns that Papa Pope is treating her more like a mark than a confidant.  Olivia’s getting soft.  After a confrontation with Fitz, because she sent Abby to handle the campaign for a while and Jeanine Locke wrote a tell-all, you’ll remember her as an early client, Olivia is all sad-face at Fitz because she doesn’t know how their story will end.  On his part Fitz doesn’t really know either, but he DOES know he wants Governor Andrew to stop “writing love stories” with his wife.  Fitz explains that he’s not in love with Mellie, he just wants Andrew to stop sleeping with her and while we hope this is when Liv tells Fitz to grow a pair and choose, she goes about her day handling the situation for him.

Andrew loves Mellie, but Olivia tells him that Mellie loves power more and that he has to choose the First Lady or the Vice Presidency.  When Andrew sees Mellie at her First Lady best he decides she’ll never give up the power, so he gives her up first.  Mellie’s pissed, slaps the President and tells him what we’ve all been thinking, he’s just really trying to have it all.  Rude.

Meanwhile, Mama Pope is still a terrorist, only this week we find out she and her terrorist boyfriend are in the business of acquiring a bomb, a really powerful one, and she’ll stop at nothing to achieve her goal of what we believe to be killing the President, for a price of course.  But it may be too late to save the DMV from destruction as Huck has finally hacked into B613 and Olivia has him shut it down, just. as. the. bomb. is. found.  So who’s gonna handle stopping the bomb now, Pope and associates?  Oh boy.  Someone needs to write “How to Be a Gladiator.”

Gladiators wear white hats…or coats. Abby’s fierce cream coat as she walks through the White House to brief the puzzle pieces of the Grant Campaign as Olivia’s ‘proxy,’ Gabby.  Because no one can figure out it’s actually Abby.

Listen to Huck.  But if they did we wouldn’t have a show.  Huck said Quinn was getting in too deep. Huck said B613 was everywhere and now Huck knows Papa Pope is using Olivia as a mark.

Don’t Beg. Fitz’s ‘Baby please’ face.  He doesn’t say the words baby and please, it just that look.  The sad powerful puppy look.  If you’ve seen Fitz…errr…Tony Goldwyn in Divergent, he makes the same face for Ashley Judd.  This man is NOT a Gladiator.

‘You don’t tell me what to do.’  – Fitz. Sorry big guy, most of the time she does.

‘I’m sure you can find a way.’ Ummm, hold on, did Huck just pimp out Olivia Pope? Yep.  But off she goes to sleep with Jake, bug his phone and find out where B613 money is coming from.

Honorable Mention: Shut it down.  That’s what you do as a Gladiator, right? Shut down the problem.  Handle it.  Well, slow your roll Pope Proteges, it seems this time Olivia and Co. may have handled things a bit too quickly and put Fitz and friends in the hands of a life or death situation.  Next week on Scandal…Bombs away?

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