Survivor Cagayan Recap: “I Would Get Rid of Me”

Survivor: Cagayan (Photo: CBS)
Survivor: Cagayan (Photo: CBS)

Survivor: Cagayan Episode 6: “Head of the Snake” — MERGE! Aparri heads into the new Solarrion tribe with numbers, but if Solana can swing the swing vote…

Previously on Survivor Cagayan: Sarah and Tony are cops and therefore besties, because that’s how Survivor works.1 Although they had what seemed like a tight pact, the mini-merge split Sarah from her tribe. The newly-formed Solana had its ups and downs, including losing Lindsey due to her inability to act like a friggin’ grown up around someone she can barely tolerate. Solana bounced back to win immunity, forcing Aparri to figure out which of the beauties needed to go so they could have the strongest majority going into what they hope would be a merge. The choice was between Alexis and Jeremiah. Alexis overplayed her hand and got smacked out of the game.

Prologue — Aparri

Night 16. The tribe noticed Alexis crying as she exited Tribal Council. Aww. Everyone seems to be on-board with sticking together as six if there is a merge on the horizon. Sarah suggests they figure out who their targets will be beforehand, which is a pretty smart idea. Trish and Jefra’s names get tossed around, but it doesn’t sound like the tribe has reached consensus.

Day 17. Kass and Sarah walking along a rocky area, possibly collecting firewood. In their chit-chat, Kass casually mentions the only people she would be worried about flipping at this point would be Sarah and Jeremiah. Did Kass think she was talking to Morgan? What possible benefit could there be to saying that to Sarah seemingly apropos of nothing? Sarah calls Kass on the comment right away and the two squabble a bit. Sarah’s offended; Kass interprets Sarah’s umbrage as a lack of trust. Hoo-boy.

Merge – Day 17

We first see Solana get the message that they need to pack up and move to Aparri beach. The note doesn’t say merge, but we know it’s going to happen. Tony interviews he intends to use his Hidden Immunity Idol to protect his fivesome, especially since they are moving in with a sixsome. When the tribes join together at the beach, they read a note officially declaring a merge. Everyone on the new Solarrion tribe wears black buffs. They also learn there is another type of Hidden Immunity Idol with special powers now in play.

Solarrion — Day 18

Trish leads the women in a yoga session on the beach while Tony, LJ, and Woo chat about their opposition. “Who is the head of the snake?” Tony asks. They figure it must be the former Brains tribe members calling the shots. Tony decides to make his initial pitch to Sarah to get her to flip. He promises that everything will be like it was before they were separated, then demands she swear on her badge. “Swear on my badge on what?” she asks. Hehe. Sarah’s no dummy: she knows she’s the swing vote and will be the belle of the ball for the next day or so.

  1. Note: No it doesn’t.  

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