Oprah Knows Best: Lindsay on Own, Part 4

Lindsay (Photo: OWN)
Lindsay (Photo: OWN)

This week on Lindsay on OWN, we learn that while it might be Oprah’s world, Lindsay is still doing it all her own way.

As you’ll recall from last week’s Lindsay on OWN, Oprah’s visiting Long Island to let Lindsay know she’s full prepared to pull the plug on this show at any time.  Thankfully she hasn’t yet.  Later, Ms. Winfrey speaks with the elder Mrs. Lohans, Lindsay’s mother and grandmother, who admit LiLo has had it rough, but they’re really hoping for a brand new person to emerge this time.  Really, her grandma’s just adorable and was sure Lindsay would have won an Oscar for The Parent Trap, meanwhile I’m still pushing for a Mean Girls Reboot.

Back in NYC, neither Lindsay nor my dreams will come true if she doesn’t get a new management team.  Apparently they’re not fighting for the roles she wants or pushing her out for new projects.  Linds claims she herself had to fight to get herself booked for her last two films.  Girl, fire those people! Luckily, Assistant #1 Matt has the insight to fire Assistant #2, what’s her name, after she opening drinks in front of Lindsay.  Furthering Lindsay’s recovery, she’s doing community service at a school in Brooklyn and becomes enamored with an adorable 3-year old named Donovan during arts and crafts.  They laugh, they hug and before she departs he tells her not to cry.  Too late, we’re ALL crying, Lindsay, all of us.  LiLo promises the little boy she’ll be back, but we’re not sure.  Apparently her sober coach is headed back to LA after his designated 30 days of helping her setup house and when asked if he thinks she’s still sober he tell us, “I don’t know.”  So much for “coaching.”

Anywho, even after her heartwarming time with the school children, and some more time spent with AJ, her life coach, and a moment of unraveling talking about how awful her management team is, we want to think Lindsay is on the right track.  BUT, we’ll have to see as next week proves looks can be deceiving and the redhead may be doing more behind the scenes than she should be, and even her mom knows.  Stay tuned to Lindsay on Own!


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