What Else is On? April 2-8, 2014

TripTank (Photo: Comedy Central)
TripTank (Photo: Comedy Central)

This week features the debuts of TripTank, Turn, Silicon Valley, and the Secret Lives of Stepford Wives. Oh, and some show called Game of Thrones is back on the air. Here’s what else is on.

Wednesday, April 2

TripTank — If you wish Robot Chicken had more of a Ren & StimpyLiquid TV sensibility, or if you enjoy ugly animation while you drop massive amounts of acid, Comedy Central may have the show for you. TripTank debuts at 10:30pm.

Thursday, April 3

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland — Well this is awkward. ABC officially cancelled this show last week, so this week’s episode will be the last. Though the show completed a full season, it is the fifth fall launch in a row to fail in the Thursday 8pm slot for ABC.1

Friday, April 4

Showdown of the Unbeatables — Brian Unger (whoa, Daily Show original guard!) and Zane Lamprey put different products to the test to see if they are as durable as they claim to be. Think of it as Consumer Reports for bros. The showdown begins at 9pm on NatGeo.

Sunday, April 6

Turn — AMC hopes its next big serial drama will be a period piece about spies. No, they aren’t bringing back RubiconTurn takes place during the Revolutionary War and is based on real events. Verily, this could be interesting. The 90-minute premiere starts at 9pm.

Silicon Valley — Mike Judge has teamed up with HBO in this new comedy. The series explores nerds who become successful in the tech game, but because they are nerds have NO IDEA how to handle success. It would be great if this shares the sensibilities of Judge’s Office Space. The show debuts at 10pm, immediately after the season 4 premiere of Game of Thrones.

Tuesday, April 8

Secret Lives of Stepford Wives — True Crime hits the suburbs in this series from Investigation Discovery. The show sounds super trashy, but it may also provide relief from my Alison withdrawal until Orphan Black comes back in a couple weeks. Back-to-back episodes start at 10pm.

  1. Thanks Twitter for the assist. Ugly Betty was the last scripted show to launch in that timeslot and survive.  

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