5 Awesome Things About Scandal Season 3 Episode 14: Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

Scandal (Photo: ABC)
Scandal (Photo: ABC)

This week on Scandal, someone dies…

Ok fans, now we know that last week on Scandal, Jake killed…James.  So of course Cyrus finds out and is in shock, so when he wanted the source killed we’re pretty sure he didn’t know times Cy’s husband, the Press Secretary. Then of course Olivia realizes that the car jacking alleged to have been the cause of James’s death is not the straight story.
This episode of Scandal is littered with flashbacks of the first meeting and early days of James and Cy’s love affair. Meanwhile Mama Pope is still terrorizing or organizes terrorism or something that earns her a fantastic living.  Not to be counted out, Sally Langston has taken this time to push her campaign to get the vote of gun lobbyists Fitz has abandoned in the wake of the ‘car jacking’ that killed James.  But Mellie and her California Governor-man-friend take the time to visit the lobbyists and try to wrangle back into their good graces.  While away Mellie and Andrew Nichols rekindle a passion they’ve never had before.  Then Huck confronts, fights, spits on and then kisses Quinn after finding out she leaked Pope and Associates secrets to her new bosses at  B613.

In the end everyone goes to Olivia Pope and her solution for herself and the most innocent person on the show, David Rosen, is to fight together and lose this one battle to the white hats can ‘win the war.’

James. This may only be awesome to me but I heard via the twitterverse a few months ago that Dan Bucatinsky who plays James was leaving the show to focus on writing and directing as he’s done for both this show and Grey’s Anatomy.

The Birdseye Crain shot of Jake burying bodies! Only James was found dead at the scene, but as you’ll remember Vanessa Chandler and her side kick were also killed, apparently never to be found again.

“I don’t make bombs, I make money.”  Apparently Mama Pope is not a terrorist, but a self proclaimed ‘facilitator’ of terrorism.  She makes a lot of money at it but had been locked up for over 20 years so we’re not sure what she needed it for.

Cyrus makes his move.  Apparently Cyrus wasn’t out about his sexuality before he met James as well as being recently divorced but outside of a stump speech in some unknown county out of the sight of an unknown crowd, Cyrus is making out with James for the first time.

‘Uh Uh Dimitri’ Mama Pope is no joke.  In meeting some of her terrorist friends she feels the deal may be going awry she shoots one point blank.  Even Anand Salif (sp?) is scared.

Honorable Mention: Liv’s surprise-sad face every time she learns someone she cares about is a murderer.  And of course that very last scene of Cyrus being carried away by the President as he finally lets himself mourn James’s death.  Both are the face you would make if Scandal was cancelled.

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