5 Awesome Things from Last Night’s Nashville Season 2 Episode 17: We’ve Got Things to Do

Nashville (Screen: ABC)

Another great installment featuring Music City’s worst decision-makers. Surprise – Juliette is one of the culprits. Zoey auditions for a back-up singer spot on a national tour, which is bad news to boyfriend Gunnar (who’s already bummed that Avery backed out of their band). Teddy lays down the law when he sees Maddie’s music getting in the way of her homework. When Juliette meets with her new Highway 65 bosses, she’s irritated by Tandy’s insistence she fire Will from the remainder of her tour and Rayna’s refusal to immediately promote their association. Layla hires Brent as her manager, which makes his secret ex-lover/her boyfriend Will extremely uncomfortable. Scarlett tells Rayna she wants Avery to produce her album. Teddy makes excuses to see Megan, who would rather forget they recently had sex in the back of her car. Will gives Juliette a guilt trip about firing him from the tour. Then Avery tells her he wants to produce Scarlett’s album, which is pretty weird considering he pooped on Edgehill’s offer to let him produce Juliette’s album. So they fight. Luke Wheeler invites Will and Deacon to open for him on his tour, which gives Will an out from his BS relationship with Layla. But then Brent reminds him he’s going to be under more scrutiny than ever, leading to one awesomely bad decision (though there were many this week). Let’s talk about that and all the other awesome things from last night’s Nashville

Tandy holds strong at the top of the charts Tandy tells Juliette she should fire Will because his Edgehill debut will be released the same day as Rayna’s album. She adds with a perky grin and pointed finger, “What’s good for the label is good for you.” That’s when Juliette calls time out. In private, Rayna tells her, “Don’t mind my sister, she’s just trying to prove her value to the company.” Maybe she oughta do that by not sucking at her accountant job. Seriously, I would hate working with this person. Tandy may not be the most morally reprehensible character, but she is the one I want to be around the least. That’s why she’s The Worst.

Deacon is the Rayna of Dudes When Maddie moans to her biological dad Deacon about her functional dad Teddy being too strict, Deacon replies, “Maybe he’s holding a little bit tighter right now, but you gotta remember he just lost someone, someone he loves. Grief is a tricky thing. I think maybe you should just give him a little slack.” Geez Louise, he’s talking about a man he hates, the same guy who tried to set him up on death row for a crime he didn’t commit. Granted, he’ll probably be less generous when he learns that Teddy boffed his girlfriend, BUT STILL. After comforting Maddie, he hands her a copy of his new album, with the inscription, “Dear Maddie, You make me smile. Love, Deacon.” OMG you are so tortured yet kind, can you be my dad?

Juliette’s ego fueled faux pas of the week After inviting herself to Rayna’s new single release party, Juliette’s temper flares when all her former business associates diss her and focus on Scarlett instead. Then she makes one of the dumbest moves of her career, which is really saying something. Without warning, she decides to introduce Rayna, announcing to a confused crowd, “I am so excited that she signed me to Highway 65 and is shepherding me through the next phase of my career. Y’all give it up for Ms. Rayna Jaymes!” Then everyone in the audience makes a “Who farted?” face. That was totes Juliette – never silent, often deadly.

New-and-improved Blondie was just a phase Speaking of weird faces, how about Scarlett pressuring Avery to produce her album. “I really need you on this,” she says, with that same old verge-of-tears expression she used to wear all the time. Twenty bucks says she’ll be back to wearing a flannel button-up over a June Cleaver dress next week. Lame-o Scarlett is back, everybody!

A word to the writers It sucks that Brent (the only out gay character) convinces Will to step deeper in the closet in order to preserve his career. But I do have to admire Mr. Lexington’s whole-hearted ambition. He may not be able to keep a straight face when Layla hands him a bag of sex toys. He may not feign the slightest concern when she questions his feelings for her. But he simply can’t lose when he brings her to an empty stage, cues the spotlight, and says, “I don’t want you to have any doubts about our relationship… Layla Grant, will you marry me?” And because she’s young, insecure, sexually naive and has no personality, she says yes. Well, this is going to turn out horribly, but it will be interesting to see exactly how.

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  • Aaron Mucciolo

    “This is going to turn out horribly, but it will be interesting to see exactly how.” could be the overly-long slogan for this show.