What Else is On? February 26 – March 4, 2014

Those Who Kill (Photo: A&E)
Those Who Kill (Photo: A&E)

With the Olympics out of the way, it’s time for another wave of winter premieres. Which shows will work and which need a bit more time to stew? Here’s what else is on TV this week.

Wednesday, February 26

First up: Survivor! We’re getting a late start this year, but hopefully it will be worth it. This season we have three tribes with no returning contestants. Sold! Okay, the tribes are divided as Brains, Beauty, and Brawn, which will probably lead to higher degree of “Shut up, Probst,” than usual. Whatevs. Survivor: Cagayan will premiere with a two-hour episode at 8pm on CBS.

Looking to get grossed out by Hollywood’s interpretation of the modern-day bar dating scene? Look no further than ABC’s new “comedy” Mixology. We’ll have a review posted later today. The show premieres at 9:30pm on ABC.

If you are in Cold War withdrawl after the closing of the Olympics,FX has the cure: The Americans returns for its second season. Mooch has a refresher for you in case you need to catch up. The show airs at 10pm on FX.

Thursday, February 27

Sundance has a new crime drama called The Red Road. A sheriff outside New York City has an investigation involving a Native American tribe not recognized by the federal government. Communities are split apart, but the sheriff and a member of the tribe form an unlikely alliance. Catch the premiere at 9pm.

Scandal is back! This will be the first new episode in 2014, with the season wrapping up in just eight weeks. Get caught up with Olivia Pope and company, then watch the new episode at 10pm on ABC.

Friday, February 28

TNT continues its behind-the-times reality development with two new entries in the employment reality genre. Inside Job has four candidates competing for a job opening, but one of the candidates is a mole who already works for the company. Classy. Save Our Business is yet another takeover show to help a floundering enterprise from going under. The shows begin at 9pm.

Discovery is diversifying from its gold-based programming with the series Game of Stones. This show follows international gemstone traders as they travel to make their acquisitions. The first episode features rubies in Cambodia and debuts at 10pm.

Monday, March 3

Disney is reviving the game show Win, Lose or Draw. Cool. The first episode airs at 5pm.

A&E hops on the Scandinavian serial killer drama bandwagon with its adaptation of Those Who Kill. Chloë Sevigny plays a homicide detective whose stepfather may have been a serial killer, which plays into how she investigates cases in her day-to-day job. The show debuts at 10pm.

Tuesday, March 4

Dancing with the Stars will announce its new cast during Good Morning America. Woo!

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