Opposite Worlds Week 6 Part 1: Endgame

Opposite Worlds (Photo: SyFy)
Opposite Worlds (Photo: SyFy)

Six become four on the penultimate episode of Opposite Worlds. A well-constructed endurance challenge determines two of the final four, but will questionable strategy sink one player’s chances?

It’s the final week of Opposite Worlds! We pick up where we left off last week, with Jeffry gloating about Jesse’s departure as if he had a direct hand in his demise. Jeffry is almost full Hantz at this point, up to and including not realizing he’s only being carried along because he is so thoroughly unlikeable. After a few moments, Athena pipes in and reveals the results of the Popularity Index. At first everyone is confused that they are getting the results now instead of on the Front Yard of the Present. Lauren’s at the top of the list, followed by Sam, Frank, JR, Jeffry and Lisette.

The players are sent to the FYotP and find a lovely brunch setup on a long table. The players take their seats in order of popularity, with Lisette at the left-end. They chat a bit about the voting results, with Lauren explaining to Lisette she is at the bottom because she hasn’t done anything of import or interest in the game. Luke Tipple shows up to show off his pecs through his shirt and explain how the endgame will proceed. Chronos and Epoch are no more, but the next Worldly Challenge will involve teams. As most popular, Lauren gets to pick her teammate and chooses Sam, much to JR’s dismay. He has finally realized this is not RuPaul’s Best Friends Race. Frank gets to pick next and chooses JR, leaving Jeffry and Lisette as partners.

The duos head to a swamp area for the challenge. While standing on platforms, each duo has to support a beam holding a globe by holding on to a bamboo pole. Any movement will cause the beam to seesaw and in turn cause the globe to roll. If the globe rolls off, the team is out. The team that wins will get a spot in the finale and each player will choose another player to join them in the Final Four. This is actually a pretty clever challenge and one Survivor should consider for an immunity challenge after a merge.

The challenge begins and the players quickly realize how much upper body and arms work they need to succeed. There is some rain about 15 minutes in, but no one flinches. At the half hour mark, Jeffry tries to psych people out, but Lisette tells him to zip it because his flapping gums are causing the beam to shake. At 45 minutes, Luke instructs the players to move to a platform behind the start platform. Sam and Lauren struggle with the transition and lose the globe.

Jeffry immediately offers JR a spot in the finale if they drop out. Frank gets enraged instantly by the proposition and tells Jeffry to “shut your mouth.” JR declines the offer before he and Frank adjust by putting their respective poles between their legs.1 Lisette and Jeffry decide to adopt the same approach, struggling mightily with the transition. Once they finish, Luke announces it is time to move to the back platform. Unfortunately, Jeffry is too short to stand upright and hang on to the pole without dropping the ball. He topples forward, giving JR and Frank a guaranteed spot in the finale. They also get to stay in the Future and deliberate pros/cons in luxury while the other players sweat it out.

No one expects Lisette to advance, and Frank seems pretty keen on Sam since they did so well together in last week’s Duel of Destiny. JR has to choose between Jeffry, who he has aligned with since Day 1 but would be an unpopular winner if the stars aligned hilariously; or Lauren, he has been his teammate from Day 1 but is quantifiably more popular. There’s some mingling before the decision, but it’s nothing more than Frank and Jeffry arguing about the challenge.

Night, FYotP. Frank and JR stand to the left while the four other contestants stand to the right. Frank picks Sam, as expected. JR says he is playing the game for his fiancée (nice buck-passing) and makes the “strategic” move to bring Jeffry to the final instead of Lauren. She has nothing to say other than she is disappointed with JR. Lisette’s bummed, but isn’t surprised this is the end of the game for her.

Luke explains how tonight’s finale will work. Whichever player is at the top of the popularity index (read: not JR or Jeffry at this point) will get a bye into the final Duel of Destiny. The other three will have their own duel, with the winner moving on to the final challenge. Whoever wins the final duel gets $100,000 and the title of Top Lab Rat in a Social Experiment. DREAMS!!!

  1. Sorry, I couldn’t write that sentence in a less “That’s What She Said” way.  

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