Opposite Worlds Week 5 Part 2: Double Elimination

Opposite Worlds (Photo: SyFy)
Opposite Worlds (Photo: SyFy)

Eight players are left on Opposite Worlds. Two are safe, four will be in danger, and two will go home. Homestretch, yeah!

Wednesday’s episode of Opposite Worlds opens with Luke Tipple asking the universe how on Earth Jeffry earned Protected status. Jesse asks this question also when Chronos returns to the house. It doesn’t sound all that far-fetched: he’s absorbing all of the punishments and the players know the home audience will have some effect on who wins, so he’s the “anyone but him” option. It’s Survivor 101, folks. Anyway, the speculation moves to who will probably go into the duel. Two players from each team will compete, and with JR  injured on Epoch it’s probably going to be Frank and Sam. Everyone wants Jesse gone, so the only question mark is if Mercy or Lisette goes up with him.

The teams meet on the Front Yard of the Present for the official mingling session. Jeffry tells Lauren she should put up Mercy with Jesse since the two of them don’t even talk to one another. Jesse knows he’s going up, so he spends his one-on-one time with Lauren telling her to consider dumping JR and Sam since she would win in a vote against Frank.

After the Interviews of Eternity, we learn Lauren beat out Jeffry in the Decider vote. Luke Tipple says it was the narrowest margin yet, but that could mean 88% to 12%, so…grain of salt. Also not surprising anyone, the matchup will be Jesse/Mercy against Sam/Frank.

The challenge has each duo bungeed to a spool. One player will run to a chest holding pieces of a statue puzzle. The other player will take the pieces to a pole to assemble. There is only enough slack for one person to do one task at a time. The first team to assemble the statue first wins.  After the players wish each other luck, the challenge begins. Frank is the runner for Epoch, grabbing a piece and getting it back to Sam so she can drop it off at the pole and return. Jesse opts to look for the pieces in order before returning them to Mercy so she can put them on the pole immediately. Although I understand the theory Jesse’s working, Epoch gathers two pieces for every one Jesse recovers. The puzzle is fairly straightforward, so Sam has no problem assembling the statue once she has all the pieces.

Epoch wins and Frank celebrates by struggling to rip his shirt open. This show loves Frank, even though they have QUANTITATIVE PROOF that the audience is, at best, ambivalent. The six remaining players head back into the house as Jesse and Mercy say their goodbyes. Luke fills us in on next week: Lauren is the favorite again while Lisette is the least favorite. They will receive their respective consequences during Tuesday’s Worldly Challenge. Two players will go home Tuesday and someone will win this show on Wednesday. Yay.

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