Opposite Worlds Week 5 Part 1: Silent Treatment

Opposite Worlds (Photo: SyFy)
Opposite Worlds (Photo: SyFy)

Time is winding down on Opposite Worlds as the game fast forwards to eliminate people left and right. FINALLY!

Last week on Opposite Worlds: Team Epoch finally won a Worldly Challenge and got a taste of life in the future. Also, in an effort to even out the teams, they got to snatch Frank from Team Chronos. Chronos, particularly Danielle, did not enjoy their new digs. Weekly favorite Jesse and recently-injured JR were the selected Protected, but it was JR who won the power of Decider. He sent Steve and Danielle into the Duel of Destiny. Danielle got tied up early on, could not recover, and was eliminated.

We see the teams react to the outcome of the Duel of Destiny. Team Epoch does the locomotion into the fancy side of the house. Jesse, on the other hand, does the loco emotion, crying over the loss of his teammate who was basically a sister to him. It’s a bit much. The next day, in preparation for the Worldly Challenge, Jesse uses a piece of something—chalk or butter or schmutz of some sort—to draw a D on his uniform. Okie dokie.

The Worldly Challenge has a loose Egyptian theme, involving Ra and hieroglyphs and a game of telephone. One player will wipe dirt off a tablet to reveal a symbol, then tell their teammate who is in a tracked neck shackle. That teammate has to get to another teammate in a similar shackle to convey info about the symbol while  facing blasts of water, shouting over jets of air, and not getting overheated by fire. The last player in the line has to arrange discs to match the order of symbols to unlock an idol in a sarcophagus. The winning team gets choice of worlds. The losing team will have to vote out a team member. The challenge is such that it is impossible for the audience to tell how each team has progressed. The show has finally found a use for Luke Tipple’s pointless narration!  Ultimately, Team Chronos squeaks out the victory, giving them access to the future (which they opt for) and forcing Team Epoch back to the past and an unpleasant vote.

We see some deliberating among Epoch. JR has found himself in the swing position. He can go with Lauren and Sam (who he has been with since the beginning), or he can go with Steve and Frank and their fear of ovaries. That night, the vote is held on the Front Lawn of the Present. We only need to see votes: at least three people voted for Steve. He’s bummed to be gone, adding that he thinks he would have fit in better with Team Chronos. Sam engages with him on that last point and we get another pointless argument.

The next day, we revisit the Front Yard of the Present for the results of the popularity index. As was announced last week (yet still presented with dramatic effect), Lauren is the most popular and Jeffry is just being real, y’all. Lauren’s prize is the opportunity to Skype with her family. Jeffry’s punishment: he cannot talk to any of his teammates for 24 hours or he will automatically compete in the Duel of Destiny. Everybody wins.

Later, the teams reconvene with Luke to discuss the Protected and the upcoming duel. Lauren and Jeffry will be the Protected for Epoch and Chronos, respectively. However, the person selected as the Decider will choose two people from each team to battle. Whichever duo loses will be eliminated. I approve of this efficiency.

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