Opposite Worlds Week 4: Quidditch

Opposite Worlds (Photo: SyFy)
Opposite Worlds (Photo: SyFy)

On this week’s Opposite Worlds, stuff actually happens! And we are well past the halfway point of this series. Everybody wins! (Except Team Chronos.)

Previously on Opposite Worlds: Team Epoch tried to take down Frank in the Duel of Destiny. The attempt was laughable. Epoch is bummed to be down another team member, but then JR twists his ankle on the makeshift training course the team built in the past. I imagine JD Roth, the executive producer of the show, spends his Tuesdays rolling around naked atop a pile of signed waivers. One of these players is not getting out of this game alive.

Worldly Challenge

The teams meet with Luke Tipple by a hill of manure. That is not a metaphor. In this challenge, two players will dig through the dung heap to search for 18 blasting caps, which will be placed in a giant novelty dynamite kit. After the 18 caps are placed, two other players will bust open a barrel to reveal conductors of varying lengths. Once all of the planks are connected, the team can push down a detonator and set off an explosion to signify victory. Along with deciding which world to live in for the week, the winning team will decide which member of Chronos will join Epoch so that the teams will even up.

Frank and Jeffry from Chronos take a commanding lead in the poo search, using the strategy of having Frank dig and Jeffry be a runner. Steve and Lauren are rather slow in their search, with their opponents finding all of their caps before they even find half of them. Jesse and Mercy start on the conductor puzzle, but it is super complicated. I’m not sure if there is only one solution, but it is one of those puzzles where a mistake pretty much means you have to start over. As a result, Epoch manages to catch up. There’s no point in narrating (though that doesn’t stop Luke) other than to say JR and Sam figure out the puzzle and win the challenge. Epoch decides to move over to the Future and they take Frank with them.

Reward / Punishment

After the teams settle into the new digs (Epoch loves the Future, Chronos dislikes the Past), the teams are summoned by Athena1 to the Front Yard of the Present. For the first time this season, the winner and loser of the popularity index are on the same team. Jesse wins the viewer vote and gets to have some one-on-one time with whomever he wants from Team Epoch. He picks Frank. The loser, Jeffry, will get some one-on-none time in a night of solitary confinement.

In their one-on-one, Frank and Jesse talk strategy. Although Frank seems to be ingratiating himself to his new team, he knows he’s still low man on the totem pole. He warns Jesse that he needs to be the Protected for Chronos or the two of them will probably be sent to duel. In return, Jesse suggests that Frank should try to drive a wedge between the men and the women on his new team, because God forbid any reality show not using gender as a way to choose up sides.

Later, the teams reconvene on the Front Yard of the Present. Well, everyone except Jeffry who is in the middle of his punishment. JR, who is still on crutches from his twisted ankle, gets selected as Protected for Epoch. Jesse gets Protected status by virtue of his winning the popularity vote. Luke gives a hint for the Duel of Destiny, calling the challenge “the 3 T’s“: twists, turns and tangles.

  1. Stop trying to make Athena happen, show.  

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