Opposite Worlds Week 3: Blind-goggled


The teams discuss their options amongst themselves. Chronos would like to get rid of JR. Frank adds it would be stupid for Sam to put him up since he’s pretty fast for a big guy. Over on Epoch, the going strategy is to target Frank, but selecting an opponent has raised several pros and cons. Steve may be the best choice, but if he gets booted that leaves JR as the only guy on the team. Angela is floated as a possibility, but she’s not enthusiastic about the process.

After an endless segment about accommodations1, the teams return once more to the Front Yard of the Present to mingle. Danielle bores everyone to tears about how she’s going to play the game with integrity while Sam has one-on-ones with everyone on Chronos. There isn’t much new information gathered, although Epoch thinks the viewer vote may be closer than in previous weeks. Over on Chronos, Jeffry continues to overplay whatever game he thinks is going on, basically outing himself as aligned with JR. I think Jeffry fancies himself as Opposite WorldsMichael Larson, when the show is not even as convoluted as Press Your Luck. Even worse, Danielle catches Jeffry communicating with JR, so the cat may be out of the bag.

Duel of Destiny

Before the duel, Luke talks to Jeffry and JR about their alliance. Jeffry does all of the talking and firmly sticks all available feet in his mouth about his team’s dynamics, potential end game scenarios, everything. JR smiles, nods, and files it away for the next Epoch team meeting.

Everyone joins Luke for the Interviews of Eternity. After that, we get the results of the Decider vote: Sam wins with 87%. Yes, the vote was closer, but no less overwhelming. Also: LOL. Sam pits Frank against Angela. Before explaining the challenge, Luke flips an oversized coin. Angela wins the toss and chooses to be chased. The challenge: Angela has 60 seconds to avoid having a flag ripped from her back. She will go down a zip line while Frank navigates some obstacles. Then they…oh, it’s over. Yeah, it took Frank all of 12 seconds to arrive in the middle of the playing field, reach above Angela’s head, and swipe the flag. I can’t think of a scenario where being the chaser would have been a disadvantage—even going into a challenge blind—so Angela really biffed this one. She doesn’t leave in a huff, but Epoch is starting to look discouraged.

Next week: Jesse gets rewarded for being the crowd favorite while Jeffry gets punished for his gameplay.

  1. Proving this show is a serialized version of Big Brother‘s “Who wants to see my HoH room?!?!?!?!?” segments  

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