Opposite Worlds Week 3: Blind-goggled

Opposite Worlds (Photo: SyFy)
Opposite Worlds (Photo: SyFy)

Opposite Worlds gets turned upside down as the status quo remains unchallenged and we spend ten minutes comparing and contrasting living situations. Oh, and Jeffry is playing a different game show.

Ok, so because everything I happen to watch on Tuesdays decided to have at least one minute air between 9:30pm and 10:01pm1, my DVR did not pick up the first eight minutes of Opposite Worlds. Also, since everything that got bumped conflicted with my overnight recordings2, I had to settle for the abridged version of the show. In short: I missed a stupid fight on Team Chronos that put Mercy on the outs. I assume there was also five seconds of “whoops, we lost Wyatt,” before he was completely forgotten. His name was Wyatt, right?

Worldly Challenge

This week’s Worldly Challenge has the teams competing indirectly. One person, locked in a cage, will be tasked with controlling a robot that has a camera and a key to the cage. The controller will direct their tethered and blindfolded (more precisely, blind-goggled) teammates through a mud pit, gathering puzzle pieces that will create a path for the robot to get to the cage so the controller can unlock their cage. The team that completes the task fastest wins the challenge and choice of eras. Since Chronos has an extra person, they have to sit someone out. I guess the fight from earlier really rubbed people the wrong way, because Mercy gets scratched.

Team Epoch goes first, with Sam in the driver’s seat. Along with traipsing through the mud, there are obstacles the team has to navigate to get to the plywood puzzle pieces. The team’s communication is fantastic: systematic and thorough. As a result, they move realllllllly slowly through the morass, despite the accuracy. They finish in 23 minutes and 26 seconds.

Team Chronos, with Jesse in the driver’s seat, starts off somewhat disoriented but recovers quickly. Maybe it’s Luke Tipple narrating the obvious that’s helping them along? Luke is useless. Anyway, Frank powers through the challenge, basically dragging his tethered teammates through the mud while he channels beast mode. They finish in a little over 18 minutes and choose to stay in the Future.

Reward / Punishment

Epoch determines that Frank needs to go, even though challenging him could be risky if the Duel of Destiny falls into his skill set. Someone, I think Angela, calls it high-risk/high-reward. I like her, if she said it.

The teams head out to the Front Yard of the Present to find out how Twitter voted for this stupid show. Lauren, last week’s decider, was the crowd favorite, so she gets a spa day in the future with a teammate of her choice (Sam). Jesse was the worst of the bunch, so he and a teammate (Frank, who volunteers) have to basically be Team Epoch’s slaves for 24 hours. The whole thing is very Brady Bunch and nothing of import happens, other than learning the overall rankings of the players. Danielle and Mercy from Team Chronos cracked the Top 5, but Frank was hanging out in the bottom with Jesse.

Later, the teams reconvene on the Front Lawn of the Present to announce their Protected teammates. Chronos goes with Danielle, since she is the most popular on their team and they might have a chance of winning the home vote. Sam is selected for Epoch. Luke hints the Duel of Destiny will involve speed and agility, sort of like every other challenge that has happened on this show. Thanks for the clue?

  1. Seriously, when did Tuesday get so crowded?  
  2. Come on Tuesdays, get your head in the game.  

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