Improbable? Index: Intelligence Episode 3 – Mei Chen Returns

Intelligence (Photo: CBS)
Intelligence (Photo: CBS)

On this week’s Intelligence, Gabriel may have met his match when fellow chip recipient Mei Chen starts messing with cyber-rendering.

Kate Anderson, a (soon to be former) CIA techie, has smuggled out a hard drive with information about the microchip project. Mei Chen, the woman who recently had the microchip embedded in her brain is trying to track down Kate so she can get all the information (and win Employee of the Month for most unnecessary kills). Meanwhile, Gabriel’s grousing about his wife has affected his ability to cyber-render properly. Mei Chen has picked up on this and the two are able to interact on the cyber-render plane because why not? As for plot purposes, Mei Chen’s ability to access Gabriel’s head means that she is able to learn the whereabouts of Kate. Mei Chen gets the hard drive—hidden as a contact lens—and downloads the data. Mei Chen and Gabriel have a cyber-render showdown where she proposes an Adam/Eve scenario (more on that in a bit), but the Cyber Command team is able to shut down Mei Chen’s chip remotely.

Is that possible?

Amos, the traitor who sold out the inventor of the chip in the pilot, is working with Mei Chen for whatever reason. His only purpose in the episode is for some racist jokes about how all Asians look the same, eats fried chicken, then throws himself on the mercy of the CIA. We learn he will be sent to prison for a very long time, but hasn’t he committed treason?

That seems unlikely…

This episode raised the question as to why the communication only seemed to come from Mei Chen rather than through a two-way system. Granted, Mei Chen has the 2.0 chip to Gabriel’s 1.0, but both can access the grid. I’ve already put more thought into this than the show deserves.

Are you kidding me with this?

Mei Chen’s Adam and Eve proposal makes zero sense. She suggests that she and Gabriel hookup so they can have an army of super-cyber babies. Because computer chips are hereditary?

This show would be so much more enjoyable if everyone didn’t take it so GD seriously. I noticed in the credit that Josh Holloway is one of the producers, so this may fall into the realm of vanity project, but come on: have some fun with your stupid premise.

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