Eurovision Song Contest 2014 Semi-Final Allocation

Eurovision Song Contest 2014 (Photo: Eurovision)
Eurovision Song Contest 2014 (Photo: Eurovision)

We are finally getting some structure to the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest with the assignment of semi-finals to the 37 countries competing this year in Copenhagen, Denmark.Copenhagen, Denmark officially became the host of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest Monday with the official handing over of official documents and logos by official people. Along with the ceremonial passing of the torch, the 31 countries competing in the semi-finals learned their assignments (though Israel, Norway, and Sweden already knew where they were due to special requests). The Big 5 (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom) and host country Denmark learned which semi-finals in which each would vote, since they automatically advance to the Grand Final.

The draw began with assigning the auto-qualifiers to semi-finals for voting.1 Next, the countries requesting automatic placement into semi-finals learned which half of the semi-final each would compete. We then learned that the host broadcaster requested that the first semi-final have 16 countries and the second 15 countries. Because this left a significantly lopsided number of vacancies, an extra draw was held to determine which semi-final the last four drawn countries would be assigned.

Once all the formalities and transparencies were complete, the draw was held. Here are the assignments for the ESC Semi-Finals:

Eurovision Song Contest 2014 First Semi-Final

CountryPositionArtistSongLanguageLast Win/Best
Albania6HersiOne Night's AngerEnglish5th (2012)
Belgium10Axel HirsouxMotherEnglish1986
Latvia2AarzemniekiCake to BakeEnglish2002
Moldova11Cristina ScarlatWild SoulEnglish6th (2005)
Portugal13SusyQuero Ser Tuo
(I Want to Be Yours)
Portuguese/English6th (1996)
Denmark, France, and Spain will vote in this semi-final, taking place May 6.


Eurovision Song Contest 2014 Second Semi-Final

CountryPositionArtistSongLanguageLast Win/Best
Israel2Mei FeingoldSame HeartEnglish/Hebrew1998
Georgia4The Shin and MarikoThree Minutes to EarthEnglish9th (2011)
Lithuania7Vilija MatačiūnaitėAttentionEnglish6th (2006)
Ireland9Can-linn feat. Kasey SmithHeartbeatEnglish1996
FYR Macedonia11TijanaTo the SkyEnglish12th (2006)
Germany, Italy, and United Kingdom will vote in this semi-final, taking place May 8.


Eurovision Song Contest 2014 Grand Final

CountryPositionArtistSongLanguageLast Win/Best
Ukraine1Mariya YaremchukTick-TockEnglish2004
Belarus2TEOCheesecakeEnglish6th (2007)
Azerbaijan3Dilara KazimovaStart a FireEnglish2011
Iceland4PollapönkNo PrejudicesEnglish2nd (2009)
Norway5Carl EspenSilent StormEnglish2009
Romania6Paula Seling & OviMiracleEnglish3rd (2010)
Armenia7Aram Mp3Not AloneEnglish4th (2008)
Montenegro8Sergej CetkovicMoj Svijet
(My World)
Montenegrin11SF (2009)
Poland9Donatan and CleoMy Słowianie
(Slavic Girls)
Polish/English2nd (1994)
Greece10Freaky Fortune feat. RiskykiddRise UpEnglish2005
Austria11Conchita WurstRise Like a PhoenixEnglish1966
Germany12ElaizaIs It RightEnglish2010
Sweden13Sanna NielsenUndoEnglish2012
France14Twin TwinMoustacheFrench1977
Russia15Tolmachevy SistersShineEnglish2008
Italy16Emma MarroneLa Mia CittaItalian1990
Slovenia17Tinkara KovacRound and RoundEnglish/Slovenian7th (2001)
Finland18SoftengineSomething BetterEnglish2006
Spain19Ruth LorenzoDancing in the RainSpanish / English1969
Switzerland20SeBAlterHunter of StarsEnglish1988
Hungary21András Kállay SaundersRunningEnglish4th (1994)
Malta22FirelightComing HomeEnglish2nd (2005)
Denmark23BasimCliché Love SongEnglish2013
Netherlands24The Common LinnetsCalm After the StormEnglish1975
San Marino25Valentina MonettaMaybe (Forse)English11SF (2013)
United Kingdom26MollyChildren of the UniverseEnglish1997
These countries will compete in the Grand Final taking place May 10.
  1. Germany requested placement in the second semi-final.  

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