The Spoils of Babylon Episode 3: Kicking the Habit

The Spoils of Babylon (Photo: IFC)
The Spoils of Babylon (Photo: IFC)

The Funny or Die mini-series The Spoils of Babylon continues to choose “or die” throughout the production.

This week’s installment of The Spoils of Babylon begins with Cynthia murdering Devon’s wife by attacking her with a burning log from a fireplace. Devon copes with the loss by turning to heroin and jazz. So that’s fun. Cynthia helps Devon kick heroin in a way less convincing than that Little House on the Prairie episode where Albert gets hooked on the stuff. Later, Papa Morehouse learns of Devon and Cynthia’s liaisons shortly after announcing that he’s dying. Then he proceeds to die for five minutes OH MY GOD THIS IS THE WORST.

This episode is more about emulating as many genres as possible. Within the first ten minutes we get 3D cinema(?), a green screen designed to emulate the burning of Atlanta from Gone with the Wind, and an homage to the video for “Subterranean Homesick Blues,” Sid and Nancy, and whatever the hell else. It’s at this point that any sense of a thread of a story has been completely abandoned. My question: do the people involved in this mess think what they are doing is funny?

Whatever, we’re done here.


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